Propose Day 2024 Date, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Messages, Significance 

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the seven-day celebration of love. The whole week is full of days where people express their love and convey their feelings to their loved ones. It’s a perfect time to propose a forever to your partner on Propose Day. 

Propose Day 2024 Date

Every year Propose Day will be celebrated on the 8th of February. For people who are looking to propose to their long-time crush and convey their feelings and ask them to be your valentine, this is a special day to give your partner a memorable proposal that will make your relationship stronger and deepen your connection with your other half.

The charm of this day adds up to your love story and calls for you to make your partner feel special. It’s a two-way affair, so girls and boys gear up for your proposal with our fantastic ideas, wishes, and quotes. 

History and Significance of Propose Day

In record, there is no event documented for Propose Day, however, it is believed that this day is celebrated to mark the proposal of Austrian Archduke Maximilian to Mary of Burgundy. He proposed to Mary with a diamond ring in 1477 and since then, it has become a tradition to propose to your lover on Propose Day.  

The day holds special importance for people in love as it has become a symbol to show their love and commitment to their loved ones. 

Today, people plan special surprises for their loved ones which can be a cozy dinner date on their balcony or an outing with their loved ones to celebrate their love.

Propose Day 2024 wishes

So, are you ready to make your other half feel special? Then this starts with your love-filled wishes for your partner on the special day. 

We have listed 10 wishes for you that you can use to wish your partner. 

  • Happy Propose Day, my partner in everything! Today, I want to ask if you will be my forever and make me the happiest person on this planet. 
  • Hey Love! Happy Propose Day, today I want to promise you a lifetime of support, laughter, love, and joy. We have come this far and I promise that we’ll be together like always.
  • On this special occasion, I want to ask, “Will you let me be your guardian angel? I will make you laugh, will be your stressbuster, and anything you want me to be.

Happy Propose Day Messages 2024

  • Happy Propose day, my love! Life with you has been nothing but a perfect symphony of love. Today, I want to ask if you will be my forever. Will you let me share your happiness and pain?
  • Hey, my partner in crime, I have shared my most happy and saddest moments with you. Today, on this special day, I want to ask you, “Will you be my companion for this lifetime or afterlife if there is any?”
  • “You are the best melody of life. So, Will you be the symphony of my life and break a leg with me through all the high and low tunes of life?”

Happy Propose Day 2024 SMS

  • Just like the brightest star in the sky, my face illuminates when it sees you and your bright smile. Will make me the brightest person by being my companion for life?
  • Happy Propose Day, Sweetheart! On this Propose Day, I wish you will be Valentine forever. I wish to dance with you like always and watch the sunset and sunrise with you from the hills. 
  • Hey darling, Happy Propose Day! You have been guiding me throughout my life in the right direction. Thank you for being there for me. Today, I want to ask if you will be my companion for life and guide me in this long journey of life.
  • With each passing day, our love shines brighter and brighter. Today, I want to make a promise to you that I will become the best version of myself and make our lives more beautiful. Happy Propose Day, MY LOVE!

Propose Day 2024 Quotes 

  • “Just like the last piece of cake, you’ve stolen my heart.”
  • “You are a night owl and I am the early bird.” What a combination we are, so “how about a date in the Sky?”
  • “Life is a long journey, and I wish to have you as my travel companion. Will I take my hand and experience the highs and lows of life? Happy Propose Day!”
  • “I knew you were my forever when your one smile became the reason for my happiness.”
  • “You make me a better version of myself” 
  • “Meeting you was my luck, falling head over heels in love with you is my choice, and proposing to you is the best decision of my life.”

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