One UI 6.1 Update – Release Date, Compatible Devices, Features, Interface Design

Samsung will soon release the One UI 6.1 introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in its previous Galaxy models launched in 2023. The update is highly anticipated among customers due to the Galaxy AI feature.

One UI 6.1 Update

The Samsung update of One UI 6.1 update is all set to release for the Samsung devices most probably by the end of March 2024. Every year, Samsung comes with exciting updates for Samsung users with a new UI version. 

Samsung introduced the One UI 6.1 update in January 2024 with the S24 line of smartphones. The One UI 6.1 updates unlock various cool AI features that have captivated the tech-savvy people and Samsung customer base.

The update will elevate the experience of the users with Artificial intelligence. The company has promised to bring the update to the following devices:

  • Galaxy S23 series
  • ZFlip 5,
  • S23+ 
  • S23 FE, 
  • S23 Ultra
  • Z Fold5,
  •  Tab S9 
  • Tab S9 Ultra
  • Tab S9+

Now, let’s discuss what changes this update can bring to your Samsung devices.

Interface Design with One UI 6.1 Update

The One UI 6.1 version may not bring too many changes to your interface design. It will look similar to the previous version. 

However, the 6.1 update that will bring slight changes in the visuals are:

  • Lock Screen: The “Always On Display” and Lock screen are now integrated, so you will probably see the widgets and wallpapers of the lock screen making their way to the Always On Display interface.
  • Removed Navigation gestures: The update will remove the navigation gestures, so users can choose between Android navigation gestures and conventional navigation gestures. 
  • Smoother Animations: The new version of 6.1 animations will be well-blended and smoother to see and transition from one place to another like from Always On Display to the lock screen and the home screen. 

Features of the One UI 6.1 update

As mentioned earlier, the AI features of the 6.1 version have made it appealing and exciting for users. Here are the features that you can unlock with the One UI 6.1 update on your compatible Samsung device:

  • Samsung AI for Communication:
  • Chat Assistance: The 6.1 update has a tool “Chat Assist” to chat with your friends easily while adjusting your tone. The tool optimizes your desired chat and conveys your message to the other persons in the most efficient manner while keeping the tone in mind. 
  • Live Translate: The feature removes the language barriers for users, now you can connect to anybody in the globe. The Live translate feature of Galaxy AI allows you to talk with anybody while translating the text into any other language while you talk to them. 
  • Samsung AI Circle to Search:
    • The Circle to Search feature available with the 6.1 update lets you search anything that you circle and get the relevant information related to it from Google search.
    • To use the feature, you do not have to leave the app you are using, you just simply circle the content you want to search on the app you are using presently.
  • Auto-transcription of the recorded audio: The 6.1 version allows you to access the auto-transcription feature for recorded audio.
  • Samsung AI for your creative mind: 
    • Add Slow Motion to Videos: With the 6.1 update, you will be able to add slow-motion effects to your videos.
    • Photo generative Edit AI: The 6.1 update allows you to access the new feature of Samsung, where you can edit taken photographs and get the desired looks. It also suggests some edits and provides relevant recommendations for enhancing the photo.

Preparations for the One UI 6.1 Update

Samsung users expecting the 6.1 update can do some preparations on their devices, so the upcoming update will go smoothly when the company starts the roll-out process at the end of March, such as:

  • Before the update, make sure you have backed up all your data on the phone in your Google account or any hard disc. 
  • Make sure you have enough storage space, if not free up space before the 6.1 update.
  • Another important thing, ensure that your device has the latest software and firmware.

Samsung will soon update the UI 6.1 version for other devices, so make sure you are well-prepared to unlock the magic of AI with Samsung. 

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