Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Release Date, Design, Features, Expected Price 

Since Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, it has been launching new models each year. People are anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and its variants in 2024. Read the article to learn about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7’s release date and expected features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Release Date

Samsung, keeping up with its tradition of introducing a new model of smartwatch every year under the Samsung Galaxy Watch series, would launch the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 in 2024. 

According to sources, Samsung, the South Korean-based company is planning to launch three variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, just as it launched some variants with previous models to provide different varieties of watches to its customer base of various bars. 

Every year, Samsung comes with a new model of smartwatch around August. So, the tech-savvy people or customers eagerly waiting for the new model of Galaxy smartwatch can expect the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 around the same time in August 2024 or the last week of July 2024. 

The expected three variants of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 are – the Pro model, the Classic edition, and the third one is still a surprise. If Samsung really releases the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 with three variants, it would be the first time in the Samsung Galaxy Watch series. 

Gadget Samsung Galaxy Watch 
Expected Model Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
Developer Samsung Electronics
Release Date  August 2024
Operating System Tizen and WearOS

Design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Amidst its launch speculation, people are wondering about the upgrades, new features, and design of this upcoming Galaxy Watch 7. 

According to rumors, Samsung can bring back the square design smartwatch in the Galaxy Watch series with the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. 

The company has produced square design smartwatches before but it switched to round one with Gear 2. 

For many years, we have seen the round design of the Samsung smartwatch, but this year you can expect a change in the look and design of the watch.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Let’s see what features you can expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7:

  • OS5 Operating System:
    • Samsung expects to introduce WearOS5 on the new smartwatch in the series of Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.
    • It could give good competition to Google’s latest smartwatch feature. 
  • Sleep Apnea Detection: 
    • The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has vast health and fitness features integrated into the smartwatch, and this year we can expect new additions.
    • Customers can expect a sleep apnea detection feature in the upcoming Samsung smartwatch. The feature can detect the signs of sleep apnea in the wearer using a compatible smartphone. 
    • According to a statement released by the company, the feature has received authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration. 
  • Processor Upgradation:
    • According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 would have a 3 nm chipset that would let the watch function for a longer time on a single charge.
    • There is also a possibility that Samsung will switch to Exynos W940, boosting its performance and power consumption, which may later on provide a better battery life.
  • Next-gen features:
    • We expect the Galaxy AI and new health features like sensor upgrades are likely to be made in the upcoming model or the coming year. 
    • Maybe we could see blood pressure monitoring feature upgrades in the upcoming watch. 

In 2023, there were reports that Samsung is working on switching to MicroLED, but it’s still not clear whether Samsung will call it a watch or another wearable device. 

Remember, these are the possibilities of the upgrades and features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 that we expect from the leaks here and there, the detailed information of Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 features is yet to be announced officially by the company. 

What could be the price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7?

The Korean-based company has gradually increased the price of its smartwatches over the years, so we expect the price could be slightly higher or in the same range as the previous model of Galaxy Watch 6. 

Thus, we expect the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 around $300 to $400. 

Samsung has always strived to up its game by bringing new technologies to electronic devices. The upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy watch series can come along with anticipated Galaxy Ring and Z Flip models.

So, tech-savvy people get ready to witness the magic of Samsung in digital health, fitness, and many more. 

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