One Piece 1101 Release Date, Regional Timing, Delay Reasons, Synopsis

The most watched and beloved anime series, “One Piece” has announced the most-anticipated Episode 1101 release date. The delay in the telecast has again created a buzz among anime fans. The article covers everything we can gather about the upcoming episode 1101 of One Piece following the fight between Luffy and Lucci.

One Piece 1101 Release Date

The anime series based on Eiichiro Oda’s Manga series has entertained anime fans since its release. The craze of One Piece is so high among anime lovers, that people wait eagerly for each episode of One Piece to follow the adventures of Luffy. 

Till now, the makers have aired more than 1000 episodes. Currently, season 21 is going on following the 105th volume of the manga series. Toei Animation, Japan produces the anime television series, One Piece 21 season. 

The last episode 1100 of the anime series has increased the anticipation among the fans about the upcoming One Piece 1101 episode. Generally, the makers release an episode of the One Piece anime series every Sunday on the original Network Fuji Television. 

Therefore, the fans were expecting the One Piece 1101 episode on 14 April 2024, but the makers have delayed the release and announced the release of the episode on 21 April 2024. 

The episode will air to the US audience on Saturday evening 20 April 2024. Here’s the time for the release of the One Piece 1101 episode depending on your timezone:

Date  Timezone Time 
20 April 2024 PT 6:00 PM
20 April 2024 ET 9:00 PM
21 April 2024 UK time  2:00 AM
21 April 2024 European time 3:00 AM
21 April 2024 IST 7:30 AM 
21 April 2024 Philippine Time  10:00 AM
21 April 2024 AST  1:00 PM

Reason for One Piece 1101 Delay

The makers released the recap episode of “The Log of Rivalry! The Straw Hats Vs. Cipher Pol” in the slot of 14 April 2024, which is why the fans faced the delay in the upcoming episode 1101 of One Piece.

The recap episode 1100.5 is a flashback that focuses on the history between the Straw Hats group and Cipher Pol and features the fight to save Robin from Cipher Pol.

The special episode recap is common on One Piece, previously, the makers aired the recap episode in February which was focussed on Trafalgar Law. 

One Piece anime Television series has been going on for more than a decade, and series that have been running for years usually release recap episodes to refresh the plot regarding the current storyline of the show to viewers. 

Synopsis of One Piece 1100

The 21st season of the One Piece anime TV series revolves around the narrative of Egghead Arc following the 105th volume of the Manga series. The storyline follows the meeting of Straw Hats with Dr. Vegapunk on Egghead Island which would lead to shocking future events. 

In the last episode 1100, we saw the Sakazuki learn about the presence of Straw Hats on Egghead Island and their meeting with Dr. Vegapunk. The fans were treated to the intense battle between Luffy and Lucci in their awakened forms. 

Dr.Vegapunk links the Sun God with Luffy’s unique power that originated due to the Devil’s fruits. We saw that Sentomaru had arrived and helped Luffy until he got knocked out by the attack of Lucci.  After Sentomaru gets knocked out, Lucci gains control of Seraphim making the fan’s anticipation high for the upcoming episode.

What can you expect in the upcoming episode of One Piece?

The upcoming episode will continue with Lucci trying to gain control of Seraphim to get the upper hand in the battle. 

On the other side, Marine enforcement led by Kizaru would possibly arrive on the battlefield in the episode which could increase the problem of Straw Hats as they would deal with CP0 and marine enforcements simultaneously.

The intense battle between Luffy and Lucci where Luffy has gained his Gear 5 form makes the episode even more exciting for the fans. The upcoming episode would be a delight to see as fans can expect the revelation of secrets related to the devil fruit and forces at Egghead Islands. 

The One Piece Episode 1101 will air on Crunchyroll for an international audience on 21 April 2024 or 20 April 2024 depending on their time zone. So, One Piece lovers get ready to witness the showdown of Luffy and Lucci and the intense drama plot of the series. 

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