Get paid to watch Star Wars movies – Eligibility Criteria for $1000 Payout!

FinanceBuzz has announced Wookie Rookie Size Hustle for Star Wars newbies. According to the announcement, you will get paid $1000 to watch all the movies of the Star Wars saga. If you wish to take this opportunity, you must meet the requirements and apply for the hustle, to know everything about the hustle keep reading the article.

Get paid to watch Star Wars movies

FinanceBuzz, an informational website that offers advice and tips regarding financial decisions to its users has recently announced a great opportunity for people to earn extra money. 

FinanceBuzz has announced the hustle to celebrate Star Wars Day on 4 May 2024, where they will pay $1000 to watch all nine canonical movies of the Skywalker Saga of the Star Wars franchise. 

The organization will pay you for your time invested in watching the movies with $1000 + an extra $100 for snacks and covering the cost of streaming. 

Interested people can apply for this Wookie Rookie Side Hustle before 4 May 2024 at 11:59 PM EDT on the FinanceBuzz website. The candidates need to meet some requirements to apply for this side hustle. 

FinanceBuzz usually posts such seasonal side hustles for their users. Last time, they posted the side hustle where people taste new ice cream flavors every week and watch horror movies while they measure their heart rates and listen to break-up songs to get paid. 

Requirements get paid to watch Star Wars movies

According to the announcement, the FinanceBuzz is looking for some who have never seen any Star Wars movies. Interested candidates must meet the following requirements to get paid to watch star movies:

  • The amount will be offered to single candidates who have never seen Star Wars movies, or TV Series (including The Mandalorian), or played any Star Wars video game.
  • The applicant must be a United States citizen to apply for the hustle.
  • The age of the applicant must be over 18 years.  

Reason for paying $1000 to watch Star Wars

Many of you must be wondering why FinanceBuzz is paying $1000 to watch such vast content of Star Wars to anyone. 

FinanceBuzz said they have been fans of Star Wars like any other American since they were baby Yodas and now when we are celebrating the almost 25th anniversary of Star Wars, they want to experience the fresh perspective of a person who has never experienced the magic of Star Wars. 

On the occasion of the Star Wars anniversary, many major cities will re-released the Star Wars movies to reminisce the memories and celebrate the anniversary, so you could use the time to do this side hustle.

How to apply for Wookie Rookie to get paid for watching Star Wars movies?

Eligible candidates can apply for the side hustle program in the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of FinanceBuzz at
  • Scroll down to Latest Research and click on the Wookie Rookie page.
  • Next, read the details carefully in the mentioned article.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter the required details, such as name, email address, City, social media profile, etc. 
  • Next, answer the query on ever watching any Star Wars movies. 
  • Now, write why you are fit perfectly for the role and impress the organizers.
  • Next, submit your application on the page and wait for the approval and reply from the FinanceBuzz. 

According to the announcement, the authorities will contact the chosen candidates via email within two weeks of the application. The selected candidate will have one week time to complete the assignment of watching Star Wars movies. 

What’s the assignment under FinanceBuzz Wookie Rookie Side Hustle?

The selected candidate’s assignment for getting $1000 to watch Star Wars:

  • The selected candidates must watch the Star War movies in chronological order of the release dates of Episodes from Episode IV: New Hope to Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. 
  • You would rate the saga and give your feedback for the whole saga. 

The FinanceBuzz would use your fresh perspective on the Star Wars saga and use the analysis to frame the upcoming story of the Star Wars franchise. 

Watching such long content of Star Wars would be a tough task while you also have to analyze, so our advice is just to enjoy the process and give your honest feedback to the platform and earn $1000 through this exciting side hustle “Wookie Rookie.” 

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