National Science Day 2024 Date, Theme, Significance and History

The National Science Day 2024 is a very important and occasional day for Indian citizens and children. This year this special day is going to be celebrated on Wednesday, 28th Feb 2024

National Science Day 2024

In India National Science Day is celebrated every year to honour the discovery of “Raman Effect” through Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

In India celebration of National Science Day is marked by the range of official and public shows across the country. 

Authorities of the government, scientific institutions, educational institutions and others represented different events across the country to celebrate this day. 

The main aim is to celebrate this day to spread awareness and  significance of science and its application in people’s daily life. 

History of National Science Day 

The history of this occasional day in India is dates back to late 1920’s  

Discovery of the Raman Effect in 1928

  • The Indian Physicist Sir CV Raman made a highly important discovery of the phenomenon of scattering the light in inelastic collisions through modules of matter. 

Nobel Prize Win by Sir CV Raman

  • The exploration of the Raman effect revolutionised the light matter interaction understanding and left transformative effects on different branches of science. 
  • Recognizing its significance Sir CV Raman was honoured by the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. 

The Proposal from NCSTC in 1986

  • In 1986 National Council for Science and Technology Communication proposed the Indian government designating the date of Raman Effect discovery and the date is 28th Feb in the form of National Science Day. 
  • The main aim of making this proposal was to celebrate the Raman Effect discovery and also to motivate scientific thinking among the Indian public. 

The first National Science Day in 1987

  • Celebration of this day in India is marked in the form of official and public programs across the country. 

National Science Day 2024 Theme 

On this special day the theme which is decided by the union minister of state or the department of science and technology is “Indigenous Technology for Viksit Bharat”. Some of the major highlights of this theme are shown below 

  • This theme marks the new era of opportunity for the people and scientific fraternity, both internationally and domestically for collaborating and working together towards contributing to the humanity and well-being of India as a whole. 
  • Reflect the strategy based focus towards promoting awareness between the public and appreciation regarding indigenization of science and technology and innovation. 
  • The theme emphasises the significance of making India Atma Nirbhar. 
  • This theme assists the public to enhance their practical, science based and technological based thinking.  

With the proper understanding of this theme people started to adapt technology properly and also stop to misuse the technology. 

Significance of National Science Day 2024 Celebrations 

Within the rapidly changing world where technological and scientific advancements are redesigning communities, the yearly celebration of National Science Day holds immense importance for different reasons which are given below – 

Strengthening scientific foundation – 

  • By motivating future generations for contributing towards scientific improvement and addressing global difficulties with science, will lead to strengthening the scientific foundation of our nation. 

International Collaboration Encouragement – 

  • Through celebrating at national level India demonstrates their commitment towards progress of science and opens doors for collaborating with international scientific societies. 

Indian Science Advancement Highlights – 

  • The national science day serves as a showcase for the recent achievements and initiates in different scientific fields across India. 
  • This fosters pride nationally and motivates future generations to pursue scientific careers. 

Enhance curiosity in minds of young generations – 

  • Engaging functions such as workshops, exhibitions, and science fairs expose children to science in an interactive and fun manner that leads to increased passion for it. 

Promoting Science Awareness – 

  • The event of national day will broaden public understanding of various concepts associated with science and current scientific advancements. 

In conclusion, every year the department of science and technology announces a theme for national science day celebrations which highlights the crucial aspects of India’s scientific endeavour and its social implications. 

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