Economist Thabi Leoka Biography – Career, Early Life, Education and more!

Renowned economist Dr. Thabi Leoka has amassed a wealth of experience in the financial industry and has given her knowledge to numerous organizations.

Economist Thabi Leoka Biography 

Economist Thabi LEOKA has experience working for a number of financial sector companies. Thabi LEOKA served on the Public Investment Corporation Commission of Inquiry, which is based in South Africa and is the biggest retirement savings plan in Africa. 

Her tenure at esteemed institutions, where she actively shaped economic policies and promoted financial stability, has marked her career.

Thabi Leoka Early Life & Education 

Leoka was born in 1980 in South Africa. Currently she is 44 years old.There is no information about her parentage and siblings. Among South Africa’s leading economists, Thabi Leoka, is just another well-known individual who has inflates their credentials in a long list.

Dr. Leoka’s educational background includes an MSc in Economics and Economic History from the London School of Economics and a PhD in Economics from the University of London. 

Her intellectual foundation was cemented when she graduated through an MA (Hons) from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Thabi Leoka Career 

Dr. Thabi Leoka has a substantial influence on the financial scene, as evidenced by her extensive professional background, academic accomplishments, and dedication to social and economic development. 

She continues to be a key figure in determining the direction of fiscal strategies and promoting inclusive growth both inside and outside of South Africa as a citizen of that country.

The South African Minister of Finance assigned renowned economist Dr. Thabi Leoka to examine the taxation structure on staple goods in order to assist vulnerable and economically disadvantaged groups.

She currently occupies independent directorships with eminent companies such as the Small Business Institute, Anglo American Platinum, and MTN South Africa. 

Leoka was named Economist of the Year by the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals in 2017 and has experience in both London and South Africa.

Thabi Leoka resign as director of MTN South Africa

Leoka resigned from both boards in response to multiple reports and accusations that she had falsified her doctorate degree from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Despite her claims to have a PhD, records that are accessible to the public show that she only obtained a master’s degree in 2004.

“MTN South Africa today agreed to the departure of independent non-executive board member Thabi Leoka, into effect immediately,” the company said in a statement yesterday.

“In 2019, Leoka became a board member of the MTN Group affiliate. She left to take care of her health and the doubts she was having about her academic background.

From January 2022 to March 2023, the troubled economist also held the position of independent non-executive director at Netcare.

The private healthcare organization revealed this week that Leoka had resigned voluntarily, with effect from March 8, 2023, due to a possible conflict arising from her upcoming selection to the Remgro board, which is a major shareholder in a direct rival of Netcare.

Is a PhD truly what Thabi Leoka holds?

Upon inquiring with the BBC about Ms. Leoka’s doctorate, the LSE responded, “We have verified our records and have located no evidence of ‘Thabi’ or ‘Bathabile’ Leoka receiving a PhD from LSE.” 2018 saw her rename herself from Bathabile, according to the News24 website in South Africa.

Trivia About Thabi Leoka

Acknowledgement : The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) honored her as the 2017 Economist of the Year.

The general public Service: Thabi Leoka advised the president and government on financial decisions while serving on South Africa’s Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC).

Media presence: She frequently shares her knowledge and perspectives on economic issues as a contributor to a number of South African and international publications.

Professional affiliations: She is a member of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) as well as Finance for Municipalities and Infrastructure (FMI).

Work as a new economist: She also held roles at Standard Bank and RenCap Securities after working as a new economies economist at London’s Barclays Bank.

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