Important Days in May 2024 – Check the Week-wise Important Dates!

May is a month full of significant national and worldwide celebrations. Important Days and Events are an important element of preparing for any competitive festivals and it commemorates labor to raise awareness about important global challenges and celebrations. 

Important Days in May 2024

May, the fifth month of the year, is just a few hours ahead. In both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, May is the fifth month. It is a spring month in the Northern Hemisphere, but May is an autumn month in the Southern Hemisphere. 

According to one theory, the Greek goddess Maia is the source of the word May. It’s a month when the summer heat finally arrives, and people unwind in swimming pools. May, like every other month, brings significant events and celebrations. 

May 2024 1st Week Important Dates

1st May 2024:

  • International Labor Day: Also known as May Day, it is celebrated globally every year on the 1st of May to recognize the hard work and efforts of workers.
  • Maharashtra Day: This day is also known as Maharashtra Diwas in Marathi and is a state holiday in Maharashtra, a state in western India.
  • Gujarat Day: It is a state holiday that commemorates the formation of the state on May 1, 1960.

2nd May 2024:

  • World Tuna Day: The United Nations established this organization to increase awareness about the value of tuna.

3rd May 2024:

  • World Press Freedom Day: Observed every year on May 3 to evaluate press freedom around the world and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession.

4th May 2024:

  • Coal Miners Day: It is observed every year on May 4 to honor the coal miners.
  • International Firefighter’s Day: This day honors the sacrifices that firemen make to keep communities safe.

5th May 2024:

  • World Laughter Day: World Laughter Day is observed on the first Sunday of May every year. In 1998, the first observation took place in Mumbai, India. This year on 5th May people commemorate World Laughter Day.

6th May 2024:

  • International No Diet Day: Celebrated on May 6 of each year. It’s a celebration of diversity in body shape and acceptance of all body types, especially acceptance of fat.

7th May 2024:

  • World Athletics Day: Observed on May 7th to encourage athletics as the main sport in schools and other institutions and to increase youth knowledge of sports.
  • World Asthma Day: It aims to raise knowledge about asthma and its effect on people everywhere.

May 2024 – 2nd Week Important Dates

8th May 2024:

  • World Red Cross Day: it is Celebrated annually on May 8th to honor the Red Cross founder’s birth anniversary.
  • World Thalassaemia Day: It honors patients with Thalassaemia and their guardians who have never given up hope. This day also supports those who are struggling to cope with the sickness.

9th May2024:

  • Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti: It commemorates the birth anniversary of the eminent poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Maharana Pratap Jayanti: It honors the courageous ruler Maharana Pratap, who was noted for his courage and ability to rule.

10th May 2024:

  • World Lupus Day: Every year on May 10, people in whole world observe World Lupus Day. Its objective was to make us more aware of the fact that the seemingly unconnected symptoms are signals of a chronic, devastating autoimmune illness.

12th May 2024:

  • International Nurses Day: Every year on May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth is observed.
  • Mother’s Day: It is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May to honor motherhood and is marked in various ways around the world. This year it is observed on 12 May.

May 2024 – 3rd Week Important Dates

15th May 2024:

  • International Day of Families: Celebrated on May 15 of each year. The fundamental social unit is the family. This day offers a chance to learn more about the social, economic, and demographic factors that impact families and to bring attention to concerns about them.

16th May 2024:

  • National Dengue Day: It is a day set aside to raise consciousness about dengue and its avoidance.
  • International Day of Light: It commemorates the achievements of light science and applications.

17th May 2024:

  • World Telecommunication Day:  Celebrated on May 17 of each year. The first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris on May 17, 1865, which is considered the founding date of ITU.

18th May 2024

  • World AIDS Vaccine Day: Celebrated on May 18 of each year. Today honors the contributions made by hundreds of scientists, researchers, and medical professionals in the hunt for a safe and effective treatment for AIDS.

May 2024 – 4th Week Important Dates

23rd May 2024:

  • World Turtle Day: Every year on May 23, people around the world observe this day to raise awareness about the need to protect turtles, tortoises, and their vanishing habitats.
  • Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima: It celebrates the birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha. He is also known as ‘Jyoti Punj of Asia’ or ‘Light of Asia’.

25th May 2024:

  • African Liberation Day: often known as Africa Day, is an annual celebration of African identity, independence, and sovereign rule. On May 25, 1963, the Organization of African Unity was founded on this day.

27th May 2024:

  • National Memorial Day: Commemorated yearly on the final Monday in May. The American military men who have fallen are remembered and honored on this day.

30 May 2024:

  • Goa Statehood Day: On this day the formation of Goa state is celebrated every year. This year Gao celebrates its 36th statehood anniversary. 
  • Hindi Journalism Day: On May 30, the first Hindi newspaper, Udant Martand, was launched. This day commemorates the contributions of Hindi journalism.

31st May 2024

  • Anti-Tobacco Day: Every year on May 31st, people worldwide observe this day to raise awareness and educate people about the negative health impacts of tobacco use.

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