Dhirubhai Ambani School Fee Structure – LKG to 7, 8 to 10 & 11 to 12 Class!

The Dhirubhai Ambani School Fee Structure varies based on the services and facilities provided and is very competitive, scroll down to get the complete details about the same.

Dhirubhai Ambani School Fee Structure

Dhirubhai Ambani International School (the valued possession of Ambani ladies) tuition is very competitive and changes with the programs and services that students take advantage and you can submit the fee on the official website at https://dais.edu.in/

Grade Level Annual Fee (INR)
LKG – 7 1,70,000
8 – 10 5,90,000
11 – 12 9,65,000

From Lower Kindergarten to Seventh Grade, Dhirubhai Ambani School Fee Structure reportedly costs roughly 1 lakh 70 thousand rupees each year. It comes out to around Rs 14,000 when split down monthly. 

Class 8 through 10 costs 5.9 Lakh rupees per year via DAIS, whereas classes 11 through 12 cost around 9.65 Lakh rupees per year. 

Scholarships and other forms of financial help are also available to students via DAIS, ensuring that they can attend high-quality schools despite their financial situations.

Dhirubhai International School History & Background

In honor of its founder, Dhirubhai Ambani, the Reliance Group founded Dhirubhai International School in 2003. 

This school has developed into one of the best in India in only 20 years. This school’s goal is to develop its pupils into self-assured, accountable, and compassionate individuals. 

Dhirubhai Ambani International School is a popular choice for many famous children in India because of its reputation as one of the best schools in Asia. The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is followed by DAIS, which was established in 2003 by the Reliance Group. 

The school provides education from Nursery to class 12th. Because of the affordable tuition, this school attracts students from the wealthiest families and even some famous children. 

How to Submit the Fee for Dhirubhai Ambani School Admission? 

  • Use the school’s secure online portal https://www.dais.edu.in/ for fee submission.
  • Electronically transfer the fee to the designated school bank account.
  • Submit a cheque at the school’s payment counter.
  • Utilize the school’s online payment gateway for convenience.
  • Visit the school’s finance office to make payments directly.
  • Adhere to the specified payment schedule.
  • Keep the transaction receipt as confirmation.
  • For any queries, contact the school’s finance department.

DAIS Facilities Offered 

Students at DAIS (Ambani event) have access to a variety of amenities. This school features around sixty well-equipped classrooms, each with a digital clock, lockers, display and writing boards, broadband internet, multimedia assistance, air conditioning, and custom-made furniture

Along with providing high-quality education, DAIS prioritizes sports. For students who like playing outdoor sports, DAIS provides a variety of facilities, including basketball and tennis courts. 

This school has 2.3 acres of playground space. Other amenities provided by DAIS include a multimedia auditorium, art room, learning center, yoga room, and center for performing arts. 

Dhirubhai Ambani International School Admission Eligibility

  • Grade Levels: Admissions are available from Early Years to the Diploma Programme.
  • Age Criteria: Specific age requirements for each grade level.
  • Educational Background: Meeting academic prerequisites for the respective grade.
  • Entrance Assessment: Some grades may require a skills assessment.
  • Interview: Personal interaction with students and parents.
  • Documentation: Submission of birth certificates and academic records.
  • Admission Fee: One-time fee at the time of enrollment.
  • Security Deposit: Refundable deposit for potential damages.
  • Financial Aid: Available for deserving students.
  • Community Engagement: Active participation in school events is encouraged.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School Campus

A fast-growing Mumbai corporate sector, Bandra-Kurla Complex houses Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Modern classrooms and cutting-edge computer, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics labs are surrounded by lawns, gardens, and playgrounds. 

Terrace gardens and an elegant atrium make studying enjoyable. Science labs and specialty teaching rooms for art, music, social science, languages, computer studies, and mathematics meet national and international examination board standards.

  • Library shelves hold 40,000 volumes. Student resources include magazines, audio-visual materials, the Internet, and photocopying.
  • Qualified nurses maintain the medical center open all day, and the school doctor is accessible two days a week and in emergencies.
  • The two dining rooms provide healthy vegetarian snacks and lunch to the finest catering standards. Each campus-level has all-day drinking water.
  • The curriculum of Dhirubhai Ambani International School includes the newest information and communication technology tools. The school’s computer and communication network has cutting-edge computers and broadband Internet. In addition to computer laboratories, the library includes computing facilities for projects and research.
  • Art, Western and Indian music, dance, theater, and yoga have their areas. Athletic facilities include basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, cricket, and judo.

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  1. It is really a disappointment seeing the fee structure. A giant business like reliance atleast should look upon middle class and the lower class people whose earnings are still low. Every child deserves to have a good education. So high fees every school is taking. We in India were once a global point of education earlier people from all over the world used to come to India to study in various domains. Now due to fee structures soaring high where should a common man go. Am not discouraging but our country needs a proper fee structure where every child can get atleast good education and able to stand up in the society and show the world how well we Indians are in education sector.

  2. अभिनेता बनो पूरे साल तक और जब आयकर भरने की प्रक्रिया शुरू हो तब किसान बन जाओ

  3. Let 5 fingers of our hand not be of the same size and height. Inequality has its own advantages. Democracy too has its own advantages and disadvantages. The way China has been able to discipline it’s citizens is worth mentioning., inspite of certain disadvantages in Communism. There is no land ownership in China and compulsory military training in classes 11 and 12 for 2 years for both girls and boys, so they get to know how to respond safely in defense strategies.

  4. Fees is too high for kg it is affordable but other class especially for11 and12 it is abnormal . Being a giant and l eading business man has todo charity to the society .by providing good education 1to10th class fee is also very high

    • Atlanta they should obey the primary guidelines of our Constitution or Directive principles of Stae policies.
      In india Education should be accessible to common man and their children. WHY THEY ATE BUILDING SUCH A CHILDREN FULLY UNAWARE OF OUR COUNTRY.

      SHAME FUL FOR Bharthmatha for building up of such kids

  5. Rich people want more money…. Break the monopoly… Umm well I haven’t heard of any student of DAIS clearing jee advance, or iAS Or getting AIR 1 in neet etc… What is the fun of taking such huge amount of fees… Just to debut in bollywood lol 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Hmmmmm! Hoping that billionaire will help the poor but instead, it becomes one of the major Business for profit. Looking such business strategy it is tearing for India. Such business strategy degraded the poor year by year, the poor become weaker and in the society. Looking back to fee structure it becomes only a school for rich, even how wise and intelligent if You don’t have enough money you become a slave.

    I will recommend to all the students and parents of India, try other way there are thousands, and thousands of school, with better quality of education and with minimum wages of fee structure that could sape ur future.

    And Ambani should understand that if u like helping India, u should know no business in Education system, you should not think this reliance digital marketing services.

    If u are willing to help, atleast try free education system. No business bargain strategy.

  7. Does not matter. Crime is allowed to rob the middle class and crush the poor. We are a very tolerant society and we are used to being tossed around and berated all our lives. It will not change . If you are poor then there is no hope . If your middle class then keep struggling all your life. If you rich then screw everybody below you. Very sad.

  8. They take from rich and give to needy through reliance scholarship.
    I am really proud of them.
    They add their money to the corpus along with this school pool money and give away to merit n needy students, i think
    Speaking of the deliverables : no man is a fool to pay such amount unless they get good response
    It is the deliverables that matter and I think they deliver the promises, knowledge, skillset, language and a whole package of learning.

    From my real experience, no man howmuch ever he earns, will donate like this…. But mukesh sir and nita maam is great. They recognise needy allover india. My friend from Bangalore really got the financial aid from them.
    Hats off to above donors
    May lord give you lots of health wealth to your family

  9. It’s important for wealthy individuals to consider philanthropy and contribute to the well-being of society. Many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders do engage in charitable activities to support those in need and address social issues. However, balancing business success with social responsibility is a complex challenge that individuals must navigate based on their values and priorities.

  10. Wow the prices are way too high even if someone gets a scholarship he or she won’t be able to compete with the other children whom come from an affluent back ground this is business and not at all good honestly.

  11. There are enough schools with amazing academic and personality development program with lower to very high fee structure. Parent has the freedom to choose from them than comparing and complaining. Huge investment comes with huge expenditure thus similar fee structure to make break-even. Quite normal. School is doing good and creating smart personalities.

  12. It’s affordable for some PPL only like I love this school I study here class 7 it’s fees condition r high but facilities are damn amazing guys luxury and brand matters and that’s what this school give us luxury it’s affordable normal for business man too

    • I agree.. seeing the brand name.. I was expecting even more.. at least LKG to class 7 fees is almost equivalent to other international schools in metro cities.

  13. I would not put my child in a school where i cannot afford the fees structure, there are many schools built just to make money and not for education, central govt should come up with all india school ranking system and a regulation on how much fees need to be collected from parents. these days schools are becoming gym, play house, shopping malls and threates rather than being centre for education.

  14. Business man surch business in anything.This may be education,health,communication even in Nationalism too.If Dhirubhai Ambani school charge too high fees and provide everything including education and traing to their students then let people to know how many students went for top institute like AIIMS,IIT,Top NIT and other international level institutions where merrit is only criteria and how many of them represent India at international level in any sports.There may be name of children of Ciny Stars and Politicians and industrials who studied or may study in this school.

  15. This is open loot, reality is person who has money wants to earn .more and more hunger never ends . Mukesh Ambani should make it very clear that this school is only for only rich.If someone has talent he or she can get success even from Village schools and there are many IAS IPS from small villages government schools which most students of Ambani can’t achieve

  16. People are talking about providing free education when the same are going to USA for studying MS spending more than 40 lakhs for 2 years… many returning back without jobs ..

  17. On an average per head
    9 (from lkg – 7th) * 2,50,000 = 22,50,000
    3 (8-9-10) * 7,00,000 = 21,00,000
    2 (11-12th) * 11,00,000 = 22,00,000

    Total on average it will be more than 60,00,000
    So much interest we can get if it’s in FD or PPF or anything which is better.

    This is for middle class family view.
    Do not buy education but make an educator.

    Relations important and it stays only in middle of lower middle class family people. Do not trust money people because they only look for money not ethics.

    We middle class people let’s enjoy by saving such huge amount by spending to our kids and by doing help to all other who need it.

    Take it as a simple my dear rich people.

  18. Are we in a democratic country. A top notch industrialist is earning money from school. Is the govt blind? Whither are we moving? A plunderer’ s society. Is their no social commitment for entrepreneurs ? The govt should size down the school authority. Otherwise it should be demolished earliest.

  19. Not very expensive as compare to other school specially till 7, I could see Gurugram and Noida school are even charging more fee than this.

  20. Fees no matter , after paying hige fees education standard is better like student get between 90 to 100 percent result if not then who teach students may be not capable to teach accordingly what student pay fees to school
    It is must when we pay we should get 100 % satisfaction of payment


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