Azur Promilia Release Date, Gameplay, Characters, World, Pre-registration 

The developer of Azur Promilia has announced the global release of the game. Gamers are excited about the new game announcement of Azur Lane and wondering about the gameplay and the release date. In this article, we have discussed everything available about the Azur Promilia game, so keep reading, folks!

Azur Promilia Release Date 

On 20 March 2024, Azur Lane developer Manjuu Network Technology announced its next project, Azur Promilia, generating hype among gamers. The new game, Azur Promilia, will be a role-play video game.  

The developer has not officially revealed the release date of the upcoming game. However, the developers have opened pre-registration for the game online, which indicates that gamers can expect the release of Azur Promilia at any time during this year. 

The developer of the game announced that the game will be available for the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows PC
  • Mobile devices – Android and iOS.
Game  Azur Promilia
Developer & Publisher Manjuu Network Technology
Genre Action RPG and open-world fantasy
Expected Release Date 2024 or early 2025
Preregistration  Ongoing
Official website

Azur Promilia Gameplay

The Azur Promilia game offers a fantasy world RPG, where gamers enjoy the fantasy world with a creature companion. 

The gamers can combat, collect materials, and enjoy the magic of this fantasy world. The gameplay of the Azur Promilia looks like a game “Genshin Impact” and the role-play management and creature management are like Palworld.  

The trailer of the game reveals that the game has a world of different civilizations, pets, and magic. 

The trailer also revealed tales of the game exploring the world of the Azur Promilia game. The combat capabilities with special attacks of each character, character switching, party composition, and capability to manage creatures to gather resources are shown in the trailer of the Azur Promilia game. 

Gamers can find flying mounts making exploration easy and smooth in the fantasy world of the game. 

Azur Promilia Characters and World

According to the website and trailer of the game, gamers will have the following characters to choose from in the upcoming Azur Promilia game:

  • Nono from the Pammy Adventure Duo
  • Peipei waitress from JiYi Pavillion in Jinhua Cape
  • Shalle (Elf) a member of Averian Pegasus Knights
  • Han Youyou (human) lovely and confident girl who hunts treasures.
  • Terara (wolf girl) best hunter of Charlulu village 

Kibo (pet creatures)

The game offers the following creature companions for gamers, you can choose them as you like:

  •  Cabbird, a leafy pet whose leaves are his escape tools. 
  • Dizzroom, a cute and twisted little creature.
  • Bloomy, Pure Camouflage.
  • Snow Wolf: It’s the most devoted guardian of Charlulu village. 
  • Lepodelic: A fairy-like creature who wields unique magic.
  • Umi: Master of fighting into any space.

Boss of the Azur Promilia

Gamers would face these bosses in boss battles of the game:

  • Phantomfly: It’s hidden in the deep forest of Mistleaf, the creature is drawn to profound yearnings but only responds to thoughtless mockery. It’s a fairy butterfly-like creature that would be away from your reach.
  • ShadowBlaze: It’s a unique and monstrous beast that has an insatiable yearning to consume that it even consumes its kind.
  • Spitehorn: The creature has horned spikes and looks like a massive raptor. 

The game has a world that has Souther Valley, Jinghua Cape, Charlulu Village, and Lebe on its map. Each palace has its own set of rules and magic that you can explore in the game once it gets released.   

How to pre-register for the Azur Promilia game?

As mentioned earlier, the developer & publisher of the Azur Pormilia has opened the portal for the pre-registration of the game. You can follow the below steps to pre-register yourself for the game:

  1. Go to the official website of the game mentioned above.
  2. Click on Pre-Register, shining in blue on the right-hand side of the homepage of the website.
  3. Next, enter your email address and click on send code.
  4. Next, you will receive a verification code on your entered email address, enter the code in the verification box. 
  5. After verification, you have successfully pre-registered yourself for the upcoming game. 

Now, you will get a notification of the release of the game from the company. 

The Azur Promilia Game offers a journey in which you have a creature companion with you. So, gamers who want to experience a vibrant fantasy world with a variety of creatures and combat styles must look out for this upcoming game of Azur Lane.  

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