SF6 Ed Release Date – Character, Playstyle, Moves and Other Updates!

Since Street Fighter released the teaser of ED last month in the Street Fighter 6 game, the players have been excited about Street Fighter 6 and the arrival of “Ed” – the young Commander of Street Fighter V. Street Fighter players get ready tomorrow for the DLC character that will launch in Street Fighter 6.

SF6 Ed Release Date

On 27 February, Street Fighter 6 will launch the DLC character ED, who debuted in the Street Fighter V. Street Fighter 6 is a fighting video game developed by Capcom. The game was announced in 2022 as the seventh main entry in the Street Fighter Series.

The game is filled with many characters from the past and present. Capcom dropped the teaser of ED, which doesn’t show much about his moves but has increased the anticipation of his arrival in Street Fighter 6.

Game Name Street Fighter 6
Developed by Capcom
Produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, Kansuke Sakurai, and Shuhei Matsumoto
Designer Mitsugu Ashida
Series Street Fighter
Genre Fighting
Type  Arcade
Engine RE Engine
Arcade System Taito Type X4
ED Release Date 27 February 2024

The company has confirmed the arrival of ED through its Twitter account and declared 27 February 2024 as the date of ED’s launch on Street Fighter 6.

According to the company, ED will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, Year 1 Character Pass, and Ultimate Edition. 

Capcom will launch Akuma after the spring of 2024 or in the spring of 2024. Capcom says Ed is on a journey to free his subjects and he is wielding a Psycho power.

ED DLC Character

The SF6 newest character ED comes from Street Fighter V. He debuted in the SF5 Season 2 DLC, first appeared as a non-playable character in SF4, and became a potential replacement for Body for Bison. 

It doesn’t go well with ED and he manages to escape with the help of Balrog.  Balrog believes in his ability and then he formed the Neo Shadaloo, an organization that helps the victims of Shadaloo’s experiments. 

In SF6, Ed returns as one of the four season 1 DLC fighters. He currently lives in Metro City and has been framed by JP for crimes he did not commit.

Playstyle of SF6 ED

Ed’s playstyle can be considered a mixture of M. Bison and Barlog. The Psycho Spark in Ed makes it one of the unique characters of SF6. According to the SF6 makers, Ed’s punches are going to be impactful and he will have super-speed in boxing. 

Capcom has designed his lower half in a way that players can see his nibble footwork smoothly and add some volume to his upper body.

In SF6, his kickboxing fighting style was scrapped and replaced with a pure boxing style as Dudley. ED works with modern controls and the company has simply his inputs and integrated them into Modern Controls.

SF6 ED Moves

ED can make the following Psycho moves:

  • Psycho Storm: It’s ED’s level 2 super art that allows him to strike the opponent with flicker jabs at the highest speed.
  • Psycho Chamber: This feature allows ED to make his opponents in his punching bag.
  • Psycho Flicker: It’s a flicker jab that can go in three directions and surprise the opponent of ED. Ed can also use the power from SF5 and pull his opponents with psycho-powered tendrils.
  • Psycho Bliz: It’s a psycho powered that unlocks a series of punches on the opponent of ED.
  • Psycho Cannon: ED has this move in SF5, where he can create psycho power consisting of a multi-hitting ball that unleashes on his opponents.

The outfit of Ed is inspired by the Street Fighter 5 story, it will also be available in the SF6 launch.

Other Updates Expected with the Release of SF6 ED

Capcom unveiled that they will add some features to improve the experience of players and add the quality of life features.

  • The PC version of the game will now have the switch button displays for the PS buttons.
  • Capcom has added an extra lightning feature in photo mode to capture dark places.

The SF6 fighting game enthusiast is all excited for the Young Commander of Neo Shadaloo returns. Buckle up people, the Psycho-Powered boxer is coming into the ring. 

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