Agni Dev Chopra Biography, Early Life, Education, Cricket Career and more!

The director Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s son Agni Dev Chopra is becoming well-known in the current Ranji season because of his outstanding on-field exploits. He is a role model for a new generation. 

Agni Dev Chopra Biography 

Agni Dev was born on 4 November 1998 in Hindu family. He is the son of journalist Anupama Chopra and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra. He completed his education in his native town. 

His father, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, is a well-known Bollywood writer and filmmaker who has worked on movies such as Munna Bhai MBBS, Mission Kashmir, and 12th Fail. 

After moving to Mumbai, Agni Dev Chopra, who was born in America, began playing cricket with the Mumbai youth teams, where he developed his batting skills. 

Height  5 feet 5 inches 
Weight 50 kg 
School  Dhirubhai Ambani International School
University  Dhirubhai Ambani University
Hobbies  Traveling, book reading, playing cricket 
Playing category  Batsmen 

He established himself as an intriguing new batting potential with an amazing 166 runs in just 179 balls in his debut encounter against Sikkim. 

Despite having grown up in Mumbai, Agni started his cricket career in the youth teams there before moving to represent the  northeastern state of Mizoram.

Agni Dev Chopra Career 

Before transferring to their Under-23 squad after it was advised he receive more playing time somewhere else, he captained the Mumbai cricket team’s Under-19 squad. Against the Sikkim cricket team, he made his debut in the first class for the Mizoram cricket team, scoring 166.

He scored five hundreds in his first four Ranji Trophy matches in January 2024 while playing for Mizoram, averaging 95.87 and striking at a strike rate of 111.80. As a result, he made history by being the first cricket player to make a century in each of his first four career Ranji Trophy matches. 

In the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, he represented Mizoram in seven games and amassed 234 runs with a 150.96 strike rate.

The advice of Vidhu Vinod Chopra to agni dev Chopra 

When we were younger, my dad shared with my sister and I what his father had taught him: “If tumhe sadak par mochi banna hai, then apni sadak ka best mochi banna.” Be the greatest in your lane if you decide to become a shoemaker,” he urged.

While granting us the liberty to pursue our interests, he advised us to strive for excellence. Talent can only get you so far; the rest is dependent on the quantity of work you put in. 

I saw this in his films and the amount of effort dad and my mother put in, and it affected me,” Agni Dev continued.

What did Agni Dev state about becoming a cricketer? 

I took up cricket when I was 7 or eight years old. I had no real interest in movies. There is nepotism in the film business. I’m not simply referring to performers; producers are also included.

My father might have gotten me an admittance card, but I never really wanted to play cricket. When Agni started playing, his father who is an avid cricket fan and producer of the film “Ferrari Ki Sawaari” was taken aback.

“Ye kiska beta hai, mera beta toh nahi ho sakta” (Whose kid is he, he is definitely not mine) was a saying my dad used to use. However, the filmmaker-producer father asks his kid questions about shot selection and keeps a close eye on his cricket career.

Agni Dev Chopra Injuries 

“I was receiving a slip in a club match just one week before the Under-25 competition when a ball dropped in front of me. I attempted to catch it, but it was slightly too far away. My left hand’s ring finger was struck by the ball. 

My middle fingernail was broken. For two and a half months, I was away,” Agni remarked.

Shubman Gill, who has played Test cricket, and Arjun Tendulkar, two of his close friends who are also cricket players, supported him through the trying times.

 Arjun and I shared a childhood. Together, we have played in almost every age group. It was the same club for which we used to play. They have both experienced setbacks due to injuries. 

I was thinking how I was planning to grip my bat, catch, or throw while I was completely paralyzed. There were a lot of bad ideas. They helped me realize that injuries are uncontrollable and simply a part of the game,” Agni remarked.

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