VA Disability Pay Chart 2024 – Check the Payment Amount and Dates!

The 2024 COLA rise of the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines the VA Disability Pay Chart 2024. The rise is due to inflation, consumer goods prices, and petrol prices. Rates are effective Dec 1 of each year.

VA Disability Pay Chart 2024

Both the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) 2024 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) rise and the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability rates for 2024 are based on this increase. 

A number of factors, including growing inflation, rising prices of consumer items, and rising prices of petrol, have contributed to the increase.  Every year, on December 1st, the rates go into effect.

Pay Percentage  Veteran Alone Veteran with Spouse Veteran, Spouse & One Parent Veteran, Spouse and Two Parents Veteran with One Parent Veteran with Two Parents
100% $3,737.85 $3,946.25 $4,113.51 $4,280.77 $3,905.11 $4,072.37
90% $2,241.91 $2,428.91 $2,578.91 $2,728.91 $2,391.91 $2,541.91
80% $1,995.01 $2,161.01 $2,294.01 $2,427.01 $2,128.01 $2,261.01
70% $1,716.28 $1,861.28 $1,978.28 $2,095.28 $1,833.28 $1,950.28
60% $1,361.88 $1,486.88 $1,586.88 $1,686.88 $1,461.88 $1,561.88
50% $1,075.16 $1,179.16 $1,262.16 $1,345.16 $1,158.16 $1,241.16
40% $755.28 $838.28 $904.28 $970.28 $821.28 $887.28
30% $524.31 $586.31 $636.31 $686.31 $574.31 $624.31

Even if your spouse, kid, or parent is dependent on you, you will not be eligible for a higher rate if your disability rating is between 10% and 20%.

2024 VA Disability Payments

The VA disability payment amounts are adjusted annually by the government to account for the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) annual cost-of-living adjustment. The cost-of-living adjustment for 2024 was 3.2%, which resulted in a considerable increase in VA disability compensation compared to 2023 VA payment rates.

  • $171.23 a month for 10% of disability benefits
  • $338.49 a month for 20% of income
  • $524.31 a month for a 30% handicap
  • $755.28 a month for 40% of the income
  • $1,075.16 a month for a 50% handicap
  • $1,361.88 a month for a 60% handicap
  • $1,716.28 a month for a 70% handicap
  • Monthly benefit of $1,995.01 for 80% disability
  • monthly benefit of $2,241.91 for 90% disability
  • $3,737.85 a month for total disability coverage

Monthly disability benefits are not available to veterans with a 0% disability rating. They might, nevertheless, be eligible for VA healthcare benefits. Recall that if their condition worsens, veterans with a 0% rating may file more claims at a later time. 

How to find your monthly payment?

Navigate to your disability rating’s compensation rates. Locate the amount for your dependent status and handicap rating on the Basic monthly rates table. This represents your base monthly fee.

  • Your base monthly fee would be $586.31 if you are a Veteran with a 30% disability rating, dependent spouse, and no dependent parents or children.
  • Your starting cost would be $1,968.28 (for a veteran with a spouse and one child) if you have a 70% disability rating, are married, and have three dependent children under the age of 18.

You would additionally add $134 if your spouse is eligible for Aid and Attendance (this is the additional payment for a spouse who qualifies for Aid and Attendance for a Veteran with a 70% disability rating).

Increased Disability Payments for Veterans With Dependents

Dependents of veterans eligible for compensation who have a disability rating of at least 30% are also eligible for supplementary pay. For tax purposes, dependent children who are between the ages of 18 and 23 must be enrolled in school.

If a veteran supports their parents more than half of their income, they may be deemed dependents. Veterans may also be eligible for higher benefits if their spouse is disabled. 

When Do Veterans Receive 2024 VA Disability Payments?

The following is the 2024 VA payment schedule:

  • January – Thursday, February 1
  • February – Friday, March 1
  • March – Monday, April 1
  • April – Wednesday, May 1
  • May – Friday, May 31
  • June – Monday, July 1
  • July – Thursday, August 1
  • August – Friday, August 30
  • September – Tuesday, October 1
  • October – Friday, November 1
  • November – Friday, November 29
  • December – Tuesday, December 31

Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits

Veterans must demonstrate the following in order to establish a service connection for a health condition:

  • In-service event:  an incident that happened during your service, such as being exposed to toxins, getting hurt, having mental health problems, or going through a traumatic experience, and
  • Current diagnosis:  a diagnosis made as of right now of a disease, ailment, or other health issue that has resulted in or is anticipated to require long-term care, as well as
  • Medical nexus: scientific evidence supported by medical expert opinion to demonstrate a link between the in-service occurrence and the current diagnosis.

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