TIN Number Online Registration – Complete procedure to get it!

Tax Identification Number (TIN), the nine-digit number is an identification number for taxpayers used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). People can register for a unique Tax ID online. The article covers the details of the TIN online registration to make it easy for you. 

TIN Number Online Registration

The unique Tax Identification  Number (TIN) application is available online at the official website of the IRS. Before registering for the TIN, every taxpayer should be aware of the types of TINs available as per their tax needs. 

The following are the types of TIN: 

  • SSN (Social Security Number): A common and unique number issued by the Social Security Administration to work and to determine the eligibility for government services and benefits. 
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number): A Tax ID number issued for businesses in US territory by the IRS to identify the business entity. 
  • ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number): The number is issued to certain dependents who can’t get SSN, non-resident and resident aliens, and their spouses. 
  • ATIN (Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending US Adoptions): A unique Tax ID issued by the IRS to individuals who are in the legal process of adopting a US resident or citizen child and cannot get an SSN for the child at the time of tax return. 
  • PTIN (Preparer Taxpayers Identification Number): The unique tax identification number for paid tax preparers who prepare or assist in tax returns, they need to acquire the PTIN number. The IRS has made it mandatory for PTIN holders to put their number on their client tax returns.

IRS issued all the TINs except the SSN, which is available at the Social Security Administration. Taxpayers can register for the respective Tax identification number online, or they can mail the respective form to the respective authority. 

Why do you need a TIN number?

The IRS uses the TINs to identify the taxpayers and track the federal taxes. You would need the unique Tax ID for the following reasons:

  • To file your tax returns, it’s mandatory to have a TIN.
  • The citizens would need the TIN to claim certain government benefits and services. 
  • The citizens would need the SSN to open a bank account and the bank agencies also use the TINs to track or report the individual’s credit history.
  • Businesses would need the EIN to hire employees, pay separate business tax separately from their taxes when they create a Keogh plan, or remain in a certain industry.

Taxpayers would need their TIN as the withholding certificates when the beneficial owner is claiming the following tax benefits:

  • Exemption for certain annuities that require regular payment annually.
  • Tax treaty benefits
  • Exemption from effectively connected income that you earned during the tax year from sources within the United States.

How to register for a TIN number online?

Taxpayers can fill out the form and submit it with their tax return or they can apply online with the IRS through their online assistant tool. 

Let’s see what forms you have to fill out for the different TINs:

  • SSN: You need to fill out the Form SS-5 application for a Social Security card and mail the application with the required documents to the authorities. You can visit the official website of SSN at https://www.ssa.gov/ for more information.
  • EIN: Taxpayers looking for Tax ID for their business or organization can apply online on the IRS official website.  You can also mail the IRS form SS-4 to register for the EIN. 
  • ITIN: The individual taxpayer can apply for ITIN through IRS Form W-7. The Form W-7 requires the true identity of each individual and proof of foreign/ alien status. 
  • ATIN: You need to fill out the IRS Form W-7A with an attached copy of the placement documentation. The ATIN will automatically deactivate the aTIN after two years, so if the adoption is still pending you must inform the IRS.
  • PTIN: The tax preparer can get the PTIN online through the IRS’s new sign-up systems at https://rpr.irs.gov/ptin to create a new account and renew the PTIN easily. You can also apply offline using the IRS Form W-12 to obtain the PTIN. 

How many days does it take to receive the TIN unique identification number?

When you apply for TINs, the IRS reviews your application and normally, it assigns the tax identification number within 21 days. Some taxpayers may receive early as well when they apply online through the assistant tool. 

The tax identification number or Tax ID is essential for every citizen to avail of government benefits or file tax returns, so every individual must attain the TIN. 

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