Thailand Visa Free Extension: More Time for Indian Tourists

Thailand has extended visa-free tourism for another six months for Indian tourists. Indian travelers planning to travel to Thailand for tourism can check out the article to know everything about the visa-free extension and requirements to plan your next trip to Thailand.

Thailand Visa Free extension

Now, Indian tourists planning to travel to Thailand have more time to plan & execute their 30-day visa-free stay as the Thailand tourism sector has announced the extension of the visa exemption program for Indian tourists.

Previously, the Royal Thai Government provided a 30-day Visa-free stay for India and Taiwan from 10 November 2023 to 10 May 2024 under the Visa Exemption Scheme. And Indian passport holders were allowed a 15-day stay under the visa-on-arrival scheme. 

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced the extension of the visa exemption scheme for Indian and Taiwanese tourists in his Tuesday cabinet meeting. The visa-free extension has been moved to 11 November 2024 for Indian and Taiwanese tourists, as per the announcement.

The visa exemption program allows travelers to travel with their passports only to other countries and explore the country in a limited time. The Thai government has made these changes to boost foreign tourism and the country’s economy through the tourism sector. 

Reason for Thailand Visa Exemption Program Extension

Thailand’s economy mostly relies on the tourism sector and the government does everything to boost the tourism sector through various ways. The visa exemption program is one such way where the government allows tourists to stay for a limited time without a Visa. 

The scheme removes the hassle of going through the long process of a Visa and allows tourists to plan their visit immediately without any worry about Visa and Visa fees. 

The government extended the Visa-free program for Indian tourists seeing the success of the previous initial waiver implemented by the government. According to reports, the tourism sector of Thailand has recorded a surge (39% rise) in tourists in the first four months of this year.

The reports also claimed most of the tourists come from Asian Countries like Malaysia, India, China, South Korea, and Russia. 

The Thai government understands the importance of tourism as it contributes 12% to the nation’s economy and generates many jobs for the people. The government has made its goal to attract more than 80 million tourists to Thailand by 2027.   

The Thai government’s Visa Exemption program extension for Indian and Taiwanese tourists to attract more tourists and rejuvenate the tourism sector of Thailand is a step toward achieving their goals.

Entry Requirements for Visa-free Travel for Tourists

Indian tourists planning to visit Thailand in the coming days can note the following entry requirements to ensure smooth travel:

  • Valid Passport
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds for a stay in Thailand
  • Proof of planned accommodation or hotel booking
  • Return or Onward flight tickets ensuring your duration of stay under the limit
  • Travel/ medical insurance (if applicable)

You just need to present the documents to the immigration officer at the airport and once the official approves your visa-free stay, you can enter Thailand as a visa-free tourist.  

What to do if your stay gets longer than 30 days? 

Tourists still in Thailand, and have to extend their stay longer than 30 days can apply for the extension without applying for a visa. The extension process consists of you visiting the nearby immigration officer, completing the paperwork, and paying the extension fees. 

You can only apply for the extension offline by visiting the office with required documents like passport, photo, etc. You can extend your stay for another 30 days with the approval of the immigration officers. 

You can extend your stay in Thailand at the cost of 1900 THB around ₹4289.34. Ensure you fill out the application correctly and apply before 10 days of your initial 30-day period to avoid legal consequences.  

 Indian tourists can now explore 62 countries visa-free with the Thailand extension, so plan your summer vacations or relaxing gateway according to your preferences. 

Thailand is a beautiful place with scenic views, adventure sports, tiny islands, waterfalls, wildlife, and numerous backpacker destinations with sizzling street food. When it comes to Thailand, you don’t have any shortage of destinations, so explore as much as you can with the 6-month visa-free extension and plan your trip with your loved ones.

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