Swargadwar App – What is it? Features and Services!

Puri Swargadwar Seva Smiti has launched a mobile app “Swargadwar app” to make the cremation process easy for people in grief. Last year, samiti launched the official website and now they have launched the app on a trial basis which they will update on the Google Play Store to revolutionize the services of cremation.

Swargadwar App

On 9 February evening, the Swargadwar App was launched by Puri’s DM to provide easy access to all the services of cremation. 

Puri, a holy land, where Lord Jagannath stays with his brother and sister, a place where people get a new meaning of life, now has technological integration for their final journey. 

The app will now help people of disease in the cremation process, through the app the grieving family can easily register for all the cremation services such as firewood, Brahmin, Mukhagni material, etc.

The navigation to all the services of Swargadwar cremation grounds will be less complicated for the people overwhelmed by the rituals and processes they are not familiar with.

The app is launched on a trial basis soon it will be available to download from the Google Play Store after the updates are done on the feedback of the trial launch.

Features of the Swargadwar App

The mobile application Swargadwar contains various features that make it convenient for the grieving family to perform the last rites.

  • Book Cremation materials and services in one place: Through the app, people can easily access cremation materials and services in one place and book them easily without any hassle.
  • Language: According to the Puri administration, the app will provide information in three languages Odia, English, and Hindi to make it accessible to every citizen of the state. 
  • Online Payment:
    • The users can pay online for all the creation services making it a cash-free affair, so,  at the time of grievance,  people can focus on the last rites of the deceased.
    • They can book the services and materials on the app, pay through it, and get all the materials immediately after they arrive at the Swargadwar cremation grounds
  • SMS service: The authorities have launched an SMS service where people will get the SMS on their app-registered mobile number about the services from the Swargdwar service center. 
  • Information about all the cremation services: Through the app, people can get all the information about the Swargadwar Seva Samiti cremation services to help the families conduct the cremation as per the rituals of our tradition. 
  • Apply for Harischandra Yojana:
    • People who are eligible for the Harischandra Yojana can also benefit from the app. They can easily get information about the scheme where they will be provided with Rs 4000/- financial assistance for the cremation.
    • Now, the samiti has increased the amount of wood and ghee for the beneficiaries of the Harischandra scheme.
  • Cremation Certificate: People can get the digital cremation certificate through the app. C

Services of Swargadwar Seva Samiti

The services offered by the Swargadwar Seva Samiti are as follows:

  • Swarga Rath: It’s the service to bring the deceased to the cremation ground. The fee is Rs 750 for the area within the Puri Municipality area, and Rs 1200 within a 10 km radius of the area from the Puri Municipality area.
  • Dead Body Freezer: People can take the dead body freezer from the samiti to their home at their own expense. This service is available for people living in the Puri Municipality Area. People can also keep the body at the Swargadwar mortuary with a per day charge of Rs 1000.
  • Brahman: People can book Brahmins for the Shraddha Karma at Rs 450. This is for people who do not come in the HSY scheme.
  • Firewood and other cremation materials: People can get firewood and other cremation materials from the sales counters of Swargadwar.
  • Cafeteria: There is a cafeteria managed by the OTDC of Puri to provide tea and snack services to the people.
  • Dahak: They are called Sanskar Sevak who help people in the cremation work. 

A revolutionary step: Swargadwar App

With the app, the authorities are trying to provide as much assistance and solace to the grieving family. The digital tool ensures transparency and provides much-needed convenience at the time of grief. 

This initiative for technological advancement provides a peaceful journey for the deceased as well as the people facing their death.

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