Maldives President Impeachment – Will he have to resign from his post?

Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu seems to be in peril as a few members of the government’s coalition have a desire to collaborate with Republicans and the opposing Maldivian Democratic Party to unseat him. 

Maldives President Impeachment 

Mohamed Muizzu, the president of the Maldives, is subject to impeachment after altercations in Parliament during the weekend. According to reports, the majority-holding opposition MDP has secured the necessary signatures and intends to submit the resolution on Monday. 

The events coincide with a growing diplomatic spat with India. Mohamed Muizzu won 54% of the vote and was voted the president of the Maldives in late 2023. But Muizzu’s removal is a very possible prospect because the ruling combination only has a total of 19 seats in the public’s Majlis. 

To be approved, an impeachment motion needs the support of two-thirds of the House’s 80 members. Currently holding an overwhelming majority in Parliament with 43 members is the Maldivian Democratic Party, headed by the previous president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. 

The Democratic party, which is guided by Mohamed Nasheed, another previous president, is in control of 13 seats. In comparison, there are just 19 members of the alliance led by Muizzu.

Why is Mohamed Muizzu, the recently elected president of the Maldives, up for impeachment?

The nation’s biggest opposition party is preparing to begin the process of impeachment against China-friendly Maldivian president Mohamed Muizzu.

The Maldivian Democratic Party, the primary party of the opposition, is in control of the legislature and has already begun gathering signatures to file for impeachment. This happened during a fight that started in the Maldives parliament when the government was being approved by the legislature. 

President Mohamed Muizzu has been embroiled in controversy since assuming office, expressing anything from demands that India withdraw troops to allowing a Chinese espionage ship to dock in Male.

As a result of the government permitting a Chinese spy ship to make landfall in Male, President Muizzu came under fire from the opposition parties for his support of China. Following yesterday’s violent altercation in parliament, the Opposition agreed to start the impeachment process.

Violence broke out on Sunday during a crucial vote on approval by parliament for the Muizzu government, which was disrupted by government MPs from the PPM/PNC party

President Muizzu has a strong anti-India stance

President Muizzu, who took office with a strong anti-India stance, has come up against resistance in recent weeks, particularly in light of the diplomatic spat with New Delhi after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highly shared post regarding his trip to the Lakshadweep islands.

Three ministers were sacked for their nasty remarks. The latest anti-India speech, Mr. Muizzu demanded that India remove its around eighty thousand troops from the country by the middle of March, portraying their presence as a security risk to the island nation.

The abrupt change in strategy, which had previously viewed India as an ally and friend, infuriated the opposition, and after the Chinese surveillance ship incident, things became more heated.   

In a joint press release, the Democrats and the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) branded the government’s recent policy change as “incredibly unfavorable” to the long-term progress of the nation and accused it of making a stark anti-Indian turn.

What is the current situation in Maldives?

A resolution to impeach President Muizzu has been submitted by the Democrats and the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), together with enough signatures. A motion to remove the president must be approved by a third of the Parliament members, according to the Maldivian Constitution. 

If governmental legislators continue to interrupt the parliament, the MDP has resolved to withhold clearance from both the defense minister, Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon, and the home minister, Ali Ihusan. 

Before today’s session, extensive police preparations have been made to increase security within the parliament.

No-confidence petitions against Speaker Mohamed Aslam and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Saleem of Parliament have been filed by the ruling PPM-PNC coalition, which claims Speaker Aslam has abused his official position to further the political objectives of a particular party.

When parliamentarians decided to impeach President Muizuu?

The MDP’s parliamentary conference on Monday resulted in an overwhelming consensus to file an impeachment motion. In September of the previous calendar year, Muizzu, 45, emerged victorious over incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who was friendly with India.

According to MP Ahmed Thoriq, it is clear from the outcome of the most recent presidential election that the MDP does not control the current state of affairs in the nation. 

The MDP’s attempts to remove Muizzu, according to Thoriq, are pointless because some of its supporters have already gone outside the party’s line throughout Monday’s cabinet consensus votes.

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