IRS Pay Dates 2024 – Tax Return Direct Deposit and Check release date!

After accepting them on January 29, tax returns will be accepted by the IRS through April 15. The deadline for filing taxes is April 17 in Maine and Massachusetts because of state holidays. Less than 21 days is the average turnaround time for taxpayers, according to the IRS. 

IRS Pay Dates 2024

A project this official cannot be hurried. But, there’s a good chance you’ll want to skip the first 21 days of waiting for your refund after requesting it.

The IRS has declared that beginning on January 29, 2024, income tax returns would be accepted and processed. The deadline for submitting taxes in 2024 is April 15. A taxpayer will receive a check for their federal tax refund if they overpay or underreport their income.

Return Accepted Paper Check Mailed Direct Deposit Sent
29 Jan-4 Feb 26 Feb 2024 19 Feb 2024
5 Feb-11 Feb 5 Mar 2024 26 Feb 2024
12 Feb-18 Feb  10 Mar 2024 4 Mar 2024
19 Feb-25 Feb  18 Mar 2024 11 Mar 2024
26 Feb-4 Mar 25 Mar 2024 18 Mar 2024
5 Mar-11 Mar 2 Apr 2024 26 Mar 2024
12 Mar-18 Mar  7 Apr 2024 3 Apr 2024
19 Mar-25 Mar  16 Apr 2024 9 Apr 2024
26 Mar-1 Apr 23 Apr 2024 16 Apr 2024
2 Apr-8 Apr 30 Apr 2024 23 Apr 2024
9 Apr-15 Apr 7 May 2024 30 Apr 2024

If the IRS achieves its target of processing electronic tax forms in 21 days or less, tax refunds will be given in 2024. Early tax filers often receive their refunds in their bank accounts right away, allowing them to access monies as early as mid- to late-February.

How to Check Tax Refund Status 2024?

Use the steps mentioned below to check the status of your 2024 IRS tax refund.

  • Go to, the IRS’s official website, to find the “Where’s my Refund” option.
  • You will need to submit the following information to verify the status of your refund: your social security number, the exact amount of your return, and your filing status.
  • Once every twenty-four hours, generally at night, the tool is updated. As a result, you can verify for changes each day.
  • The most recent details on your reimbursement are given; normally, it happens in three phases: accepted, delivered, and received.

Your tax refund may be delayed if you mailed a paper return or if any of the information you submitted was incorrect. For example, if the name or Social Security number on your return is different from what is on file with the IRS, processing your refund may take longer.

2024 IRS Tax Return Schedule Chart

The manner of filing the tax return electronically or by mail and the payment option (direct deposit or paper check by mail) determine whether you get a refund.

The following tax refund schedule chart provides an estimate of delivery timeframes according to the kind of return and filing method. 

Tax Filing Method & Refund Delivery Tax Refund Delivery Time
E-file & Direct Deposit 1–3 weeks (often 2 weeks)
Paper File by Mail & Direct Deposit 3 weeks
E-file & Paper Check by Mail 6–8 weeks
Paper File & Paper Check by Mail 6–8 weeks

If my IRS Tax Return 2024 is delayed

If your IRS tax return for 2024 is delayed, it’s essential to remain patient and proactive. Delays can occur due to various reasons, such as errors on the return, missing information, or increased processing times. In case of significant delays, consider contacting the IRS directly to inquire about the status and seek guidance. 

Use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool provided by the IRS to monitor the progress of your return. tool online or call the IRS refund hotline. Please ensure that you quickly provide the appropriate papers if more information is needed. Additionally, staying informed about any updates or announcements from the IRS can help manage expectations and navigate the situation more effectively. 

The tool is updated once every 24 hours, usually throughout the night. As a result, you might check for updates daily. It provides the most up-to-date information on your refund and usually consists of three stages: Return Received, Authorised Refund, and Issued Refund.

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