IRS Deposit Schedule 2024 – Tax Refund Filing Important Dates 

The IRS has begun the tax season, and from January 29 they have started accepting tax returns. Many taxpayers have begun the process, wondering when the refund will be processed in their account or mailed to them.

IRS Deposit Schedule 2024

In 2024, the IRS is expected to get 128.7 million tax returns. According to the IRS, e-filers can expect refunds in their accounts in 10 days. 

The tax refund can get delayed if the taxpayers have claimed the extra credits like Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), and any other credits. As stated by the IRS, a tax refund with these credits can take a month to process and ultimately be issued to the taxpayer’s account. 

Some circumstances can delay your refund, we will discuss them later in the article, but first, let’s move on to the IRS refund deposit schedule for 2024.

Date of filing return Direct deposit date Mailed Paper check date
Jan 29 Feb 9 Feb 16
5 Feb 16 Feb 23 Feb
12 Feb 23 Feb 1 Mar
19 Feb 1 Mar 8 Mar
26 Feb 8 Mar 15 Mar
4 Mar 15 Mar 22 Mar
18 Mar 29 Mar 5 Apr
25 Mar 5 Apr 12 Apr
1 Apr 12 Apr 19 Apr
8 Apr 19 Apr 26 Apr
Apr 15  26 Apr 1 May
Apr 17  1 May 8 May

Mostly, the tax refunds are deposited or delivered within 21 days after the returns are processed. For e-filers, it can take 10 to 14 days and for paper check filers it is expected to take 21 days or a month as it will be mailed to your address.

Important note: Taxpayers may have to wait more for the refund during peak season i.e. late March-April. Remember the above schedule is an estimation of your refund deposits that you can use as a reference for when you can expect your tax refunds. 

Important Tax Filing Dates 2024

IRS has issued the dates for tax filing that you must keep in your mind:

  • April 15 is the deadline for filing your tax returns for 2024 tax returns.
  • If you live in Marine and Massachusetts, the deadline to file your tax returns is April 17. The date has been extended for the Marine and Massachusetts residents due to Patriot Day and holidays.
  • IRS has kept 15 October as a deadline for extension filers.

Reasons your tax refund can get delayed

As we mentioned earlier, some circumstances can delay your tax refunds, let’s discuss these reasons, so you can go for the fastest way possible to get your refund:

  • Taxpayers refund process depends on the way they have filed the tax returns. If they have filed returns electronically, they will most likely get refunds in 10-14 days for the IRS return processing. And if they have filed the returns through paper check it might get delayed as the refund check will be delivered to your address.
  • Tax refunds also depend on how early you have filed the tax returns, as during peak season you can expect some delay due to many applications. Hence IRS stated that early filers can expect their return in mid-February or at the end of February.
  • Tax refund delivery depends on the method you select for your refund order, such as direct deposit, paper check, treasury direct, or other means. Among all, direct deposit is the fastest to get tax refunds as stated by the IRS.
  • Taxpayers claiming certain credits can also influence your tax refund delivery as the federal government has restricted the IRS for 1 month to process the tax refunds of EITC/ ACTC credit claimants to ensure there is no threat or scam.
  • Some errors and incomplete information in tax returns can cause delays in your tax refunds. 

Track your tax refund

The IRS has enabled a simple tool that taxpayers can utilize to track their refund status, it’s called “Where’s my refund?”

The tool is available on the official website of the IRS and the mobile application IRS i.e. IRS2Go. 

You can check the status of your refund, after 24 hours of e-filing the tax returns, 3-4 days if you are filing for a prior-year return, and 4 weeks for a paper return. 

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