Grand National Runners 2024 – Participants List, Ticket Price, Where to watch?

The 2024 Randox Grand National is just around the corner. People who love to enjoy world-class horse racing are excited about the Randox Grand National. The article covers everything about the Grand Nationals Runners and the changes in this year’s event.

Grand National Runners 2024

The three-day Aintree’s Grand National Festival features Grand National 2024 on 13 April 2024. The Grand Nationals is the prominent jump race in Europe, which is appreciated and watched by many around the world. 

The Aintree Grand Festival will commence on 11 April 2024, following the Aintree Ladies Day the next day and finally the most awaited Grand National Event at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, UK. 

The Grand National race is worth £1 million, where runners will jump over four miles of popular Aintree turf. According to reports, this year 58 horses are ready to participate in the Grand Nationals.  The final list of Grand National Runners and riders will be updated on 11 April 2024 at 10:00 AM.  

We will discuss the list of 2024 Grand National Runners, but first, let’s discuss the changes done by the Jockey Club and British Horseracing Authority for this year’s Grand Nationals. 

Changes on 2024 Grand Nationals 

The organizers of the event have made the following changes this year for the upcoming Grand National:

  • The number of Grand National Runners on a field has reduced to 34 from 40 for this year’s race. 
  • The start time of the race has moved forward to 4:00 PM from the traditional time of 5:15 PM to ensure the best ground conditions.
  • The minimum handicap rating for this year’s Grand Nationals has increased from 125 lbs to 130 lbs.
  • The running trail of Aintree’s 2024 Grand National has been modified to efficiently capture the loose horses. The fences 11 and 27 have been reduced for the Grand Nationals. 

List of 2024 Grand National Runners 

You can expect the following Runners in this year’s Aintree’s Grand National:

Runners  Age  Weight
Vanillier 10st 11lb
Corach Rambler (last year’s winner) 10 11st 5lb
I am Maximus 8 11st 5lb
Kitty’s light  8 10st 6lb 
Mr Incredible 8 10st 7lb
Noble Yeats 9 11st 11lb
Panda Boy  8 10st 6lb
Mahler Mission 8 11st 4lb
Nassalam  7 11st 7lb
Delta Work  11 11st 3lb
Capodanno 8 11st 7lb 
Stattler  9 11st 4lb
MeetingoftheWaters 7 10st 7lb
Minella Indo 11 11st 5lb
Limerick Lace  7 10st 7lb
LatenightPass 11 10st 6lb
Galvin 9 11st 1lb
Coko beach  9 11st 7lb
Chemical Energy 8 10st 8lb
Adamantly Chosen 7 10st 8lb
Galia Des Liteaux 8 10st 6lb
Desertmore House 9 10st 4lb
Conflated  10 11st 12lb
Fury Road 10  10st 12lb
The Goffer  7 10st 7lb
Shakem Up’Arry 10 10st 3lb
Ain’t That A Shame  10 10st 12lb
Malina Girl 7 10st 5lb
Foxy Jacks 10 11st 3lb
Minella Crooner  8 10st 6lb
Janidil  10 11st 5lb
Glengouly 8 10st 6lb
Roi Mage  12 10st 7lb
Chambard 12 10st 6lb
Eldorado Allen 10 10st 13lb
Empire Steel 10 10st 5lb
Farouk D’alene 9 11st 0lb
Mac Tottie 11 10st 8lb
Fantastic Lady  9 10st 4lb
Kinondo Kwetu 8 10st 4lb
Eklat De Rire 10 10st 6lb
Run Wild Fred 10 10st 9lb

Remember, a maximum field of 34 runners will be permitted for the 2024 Grand Nationals.

Where to watch the 2024 Aintree’s Grand Nationals?

According to the reports, the 2024 Grand National will stream live on ITV X and broadcast live on ITV1 and Racing TV.

Tickets Price for the 2024 Grand Nationals 

People who wish to enjoy the force racing on Grand National Day can book a ticket on the official site of Aintree Grand National. 

The tickets are selling fast for the 2024 Grand Nationals, here are the prices of tickets:

  •  Festive Zone: Adults- £85; Child – £42.5
  • Embankment: Adults- £45; Child – £0 
  • Queen Mother Grandstand: £210

All other tickets are already sold out so if you wish to book a ticket for the 2024 Grand Nationals, you must hurry.

The Grand Nationals Festival and race day are prominent events in Europe. Many elites of Europe attend this event and enjoy the horse race and festivities of the festival. This year many runners will take part in Grand Nationals on the 13 April, so get ready to witness the chase and excitement of the horse racing from Aintree’s racecourse. 

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