CRA Grocery Rebate 2024 – When can the payment be released?

Canadian citizens are getting rebates on groceries due to the hike in inflation rates. The government is trying to satisfy citizens’ basic needs through this program. Now, the rebate for 2024 has been announced, if you are wondering about the pay date, eligibility, and all, then do read the article.

CRA Grocery Rebate 2024

The Canadian government introduced the one-rime grocery rebate to provide financial assistance for buying groceries in the budget last year. Many Canadians are facing financial problems in completing their basic needs due to inflation rates that led to a hike in the price of grocery items and goods. 

According to reports, the inflation rate is projected to stay around 3% for the first half of 2024, this could increase the problem for low-income families in buying their grocery items. Hence, the government has introduced this rebate program for eligible citizens and makes their lives a little easier. 

As said, the rebate was introduced in the 2023 budget, it was issued with the July quarterly GST/HST credit payment. Last year, it was decided that the grocery rebate would be double the GST/HST credit amount the citizens would receive.

The CRA grocery rebate for 2024 is expected to fall between $225 to $628 depending on the eligibility criteria set up by the government. 

Program CRA Grocery Rebate Program
Aim To provide financial support to eligible Canadian citizens.
Country Canada
Department Canada Revenue Agency
2023 Payment Date 5 July 2023
2024 Payment date 5 July, 2024 (Expected)
Rebate amount $225 to $628 

Eligibility Criteria for CRA Grocery Rebate 2024

Now, moving on to the eligibility criteria, let’s see what made you eligible for the CRA grocery rebate 2024:

  • The applicant must be a Canadian citizen.
  • The applicant must have filed their income tax returns.
  • The applicant at least should have an age of 19 years. If you are under 19 then to get rebates you must fulfill the following conditions:
  1. You must have/had a spouse or common-law partner.
  2. You have a child with you or you are/were a parent.
  • The applicants who are single, their income should not exceed $45,000.
  • For family people, their overall income should not exceed $65,000.
  • And if you are receiving GST/HST credit, then, you are automatically eligible for the grocery rebate 2024.

How to get the CRA Grocery Rebate 2024?

  • In 2024, there is no need to apply if you have filed your tax returns and have your 2023 tax returns. The eligible candidates will automatically get the rebate amount in the form of a check or direct deposit from the CRA. 
  • The tax returns of 2023 are essential, so even if you have no income do file the tax returns.
  • And if there are some updates in your income tax and benefits make sure you update your status on CRA, be it your individual income or family income.
  • As mentioned earlier, if you are receiving GST/HST credit, you will be automatically eligible for the grocery rebate, so to check for your GST/HST credit eligibility you can check your Notice of (Re) determination.

After all these, if you did not receive your rebate amount, as mentioned by CRA, wait for 10 working days, and then inquire about your rebate amount for 2024 with CRA.

2024 Grocery Rebate Amount

The CRA grocery rebate is a one-time payment that you will receive from the government. The payment is expected to be deposited in your direct bank account on July 5, 2024, as seen in 2023. 

The grocery rebate is calculated based on the financial situation of the individuals or families in 2024, and your net income of 2022. So, the amount of financial support you can receive from the CRA grocery rebate program is as follows:

If you are single:

With no children $234
With one Child $387
With two children $467
With three children $548
With four children $628

For married people:

With no children $306
With one Child $387
With two children $467
With three children $548
With four children $628

The CRA grocery rebate 2024 is a great initiative by the Canadian government, so make sure you fulfill all the requirements with the rising cost of goods. Hope this information comes in handy for you.

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