Why is Elvish Yadav in Jail? What is the whole matter, know here!

After being taken into custody on Sunday, Elvish Yadav faces additional charges under the strict provisions of Sections 8, 20, 27, and 29 of the NDPS Act. Earlier information from forensic reports has verified that samples taken from the party venue contained snake venom.

Why is Elvish Yadav in Jail?

After being questioned by the Noida Police, Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav was taken into custody in connection with the snake venom rave party issue. Mr. Yadav is currently being held in judicial detention for 14 days.

He and five other people were charged under the Wildlife Act in Noida for arranging the sale of snake venom to rave attendees to be utilized as a recreational drug last year. On November 3 of last year, the police raided a banquet venue in Noida’s sector 51, recovering nine snakes and poison and apprehending five individuals, including four snake charmers. 

Maneka Gandhi organized the People for Species sting operation, which resulted in the arrest, intending to expose the mistreatment of rare species. Besides, rave events, it was stated, that Mr. Yadav also utilized snakes for video shoots. The well-known YouTuber has several snake-themed videos on his channel.

How the Venom-Rave Snake Party Gang Was Dismantled

Headed by BJP leader Maneka Gandhi, the animal welfare group People For Animals (PFA) launched a concerted campaign to address the illicit activities related to snake venom and its consumption in rave events. 

After viewing Elvish Yadav’s snake-themed videos, PFA decided to look into this more. Under pretenses, they contacted Elvish Yadav and asked him to send snakes and their venom. It is believed that Elvish made this possible by giving the contact information of a person by the name of Rahul.

PFA was referred to a banquet hall in Noida’s sector 51 after contacting Rahul. There, they found four snake charmers together with 9 snakes, including five cobras. Furthermore, 20 ml of snake poison was recovered during the raid.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, PFA worked with the authorities to secure the safety and justice of the snake venom-rave party group by capturing and prosecuting them.

Is there any solid proof against Yadav?

Even after being questioned several times, Elvish firmly denied being involved in the alleged misconduct. However, the evidence used against him resulted in his detention and 14 days of judicial incarceration.

When it was discovered that nine snakes, discovered at the party location, had received their venom glands clipped and that eight of them had lost their teeth, the case took a dire turn. This finding sparked worries regarding the harvesting of wildlife for illicit purposes and illegal trafficking.

Elvish’s arrest caused a stir on social media even while his involvement in the rave party and his purported involvement in the purchase of snake venom were being looked into. The uproar surrounding his role grew after a video that appeared to show his arrest went viral.

According to the law Comprehending Elvish Yadav’s Jail Years 

The Act’s Section 8(c) forbids the buying, selling, or use of narcotic narcotics. In this case, cannabis is expressly included under section 20(b), where the severity of the penalty depends on the amount recovered. A year in jail may be sentenced, depending on the amount.

Section 27A deals with penalties for supporting illegal activity and providing sanctuary to criminals. It stipulates that anyone found to be financing or sheltering people involved in certain activities could be sentenced to ten to twenty years in prison and fined one to two lakh rupees.

If Section 8A is violated, strict imprisonment lasting three to 10 years is prescribed in Section 27B, along with a fine. Section 29 also addresses the penalties for aiding and abetting criminal conspiracies. 

As a result, the length of jail time may be different based on the particulars of the case as well as the charges the person faces. However, according to the aforementioned parts, Elvish Yadav faces a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison without the possibility of release on bond.

The Accusations and Denials of Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav firmly denied being involved in the case, even after being questioned by the authorities. The accusations made against him, according to him, are “untrue, fake, and not nearly one per cent true.”

Even though the police admitted that Elvish wasn’t at the party hall when the raid took place, they were still looking into his involvement. Meanwhile, Elvish Yadav was charged with involvement in the crime by Maneka Gandhi, who expressed worry over the purported illicit sale of snake venom. 

She underlined how serious the situation was and called for his immediate detention. The charges against Elvish have spurred a discussion on the preservation of wildlife and the moral obligations of powerful public figures, even if he is still firm in his denial.

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