PUBG KR 3.2 Update – New Features, Items, and Events!

PUBG has released the version 3.2 update across the globe, but there has been some delay in the Korean-oriented version update. The gamers can read the article to know everything about the PUBG KR 3.2 update and its expected release date.

PUBG KR 3.2 Update

Krafton, the developer of the PUBG video game is back with a new and exciting 3.2 update to enhance the overall experience of the PUBG gaming community.

The release of the PUBG 3.2 update was scheduled for 14 May 2024 and the makers have provided the update as per the schedule across the globe for Android and iOS devices. However, the Korean gaming community has not received the update as of now.

According to the reports, the new version of PUBG is all clear on Android devices, but the iOS app store is still reviewing the version 3.2 update, which led to a delay in the update release on the designated date. 

PUBG Korea has not released any notice about the expected release date, so the gaming community just has to wait. However, gamers can expect the update in May 2024 as it may take 3-5 days to get Apple’s review for a new update. 

PUBG KR 3.2 Update Features

According to the PUBG 3.2 update across the globe, the new update has the following never-seen and new features to improve the gaming experience of gamers and make it more engaging:

  • New Theme Mode Titled Mecah Fusion Mode:

The developers have introduced a new & exciting theme mode, “Mecha Fusion” with some exciting futuristic-style ships loaded with lots of supplies called Steel Ark. The Steel Ark will appear on the map in each match aircraft. 

The Steel Ark is loaded with supplies that can fly around during the match and you can air drop them at specific drop points during battle to gain the upper hand. The Ark has huge interiors and is equipped with rare supplies for the players.

  •  Armamech battle Vehicle: 

The Mecah mode also offers a new & powerful armament battle that is formed with the combination of two mechas Srider and Levitron. The Armamech has two weapons (magnetic arm and missile) you can summon at any time during the battle.

The Levitron mechas enhance the vehicle’s jump through jet propulsion and enhance its mobility around the battleground. The two components can be separated at any time during the battle at the player’s convenience. The Levitron component can change into magnetic & speed forms, the speed form gains collision gaming acceleration ability and the magnetic form activates the magnetic arm. The Srider mechas allow two players to sit on it and launch the missiles. 

  • Legendary Pilot Challenge: 

With the new mode, the developers have added the Legendary Pilot Challenge to complete difficult challenges and missions to get rewarded missiles and special cosmetics for themed vehicles and items. The challenge offers a special elimination broadcast for the Armammech with various rewards, such as a dance move. 

PUBG 3.2 Update New Items & Events 

The gamers will get the following new character items in the new version 3.2 update:

  • Jetpack: the items can be picked for moving around the battleground through an aerial route. The jetpacks come with rocket jet ability, which increases the speed to introduce a new way of traveling. 
  • Personal AED: It’s a self-rescue kit to recover from the knocked-down state. Each player can carry these Personal AEDs, but moving during the rescue interrupts the process, so make sure you move away from the battlefield to use this item. 
  • Magnet Gun: The magnetic gun comes with the same ability as the Levitron magnetic arm with magnetic energy to pull and grab the players and vehicles in the game.
  • Respawn Beacon: The items will be shown either on Steel Ark or Assembly base to recall eliminated teammates.
  • The Popularity Event of PUBG is back with the version 3.2 update with the Popularity Gift Redemption shop, and team battles to earn rewards. 

Other exciting Updates of the PUBG 3.2 update

The developers have improved a lot for Metro Royale, players need to stay vigilant at Arctic Base and Misty Port when exploring these regions. The developers have updated Honor Rewards and 20 collectibles to increase the game’s engagement. 

Now, the developers will host a grand home competition for players who have reached the 200 Home Prosperity. 

The Korean gaming community can expect a few changes in the new version depending on the location and requirements of the game. The exciting features and items are introduced to enhance the thrill of the game, hope you guys can soon enjoy the latest update.  

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