Overwatch Season 9 Release Date – When and where to watch it online?

Blizzard recently released a trailer for season 9 of Overwatch 2’s esports, which will bring a new Hero mastery and many major changes. This release has hiked the speculation about the content that this season brings. So, when will it be released and what can you expect from this season, let’s find out.

Overwatch Season 9 Release Date

The new Overwatch 2 season will begin after the previous season wraps up. According to the announcement, season 8 is set to wrap on Feb 13, 2024. Therefore, you can expect the release date of Season 9 on 13 Feb in the UK and USA this year. 

Esports Overwatch 2
Developers Blizzard Entertainment
Director Aaron Keller
Franchise Overwatch
Publishers Blizzard Entertainment
Genre First-person shooter
Announced 2019
Season 9
Release date 13 February 2024
Mode Multiplayer

Blizzard has announced a new league in collaboration with the ESL FACEIT group to give a new life to the Overwatch 2 series.

Trailer of Overwatch 2 Season 9

The trailer for Overwatch 2 season 9 was released yesterday (7 Feb), and showed many new changes such as full competitive rework, rank reset, jade weapon, and many more. The season is called “Champions” and looks remarkable handling the Cosmo crisis, a new mission named Gauntlet. 

At the end of the trailer, it points out a crossover with the well-known anime “Cowboy Bebop” as the music of the anime was played. 

However, the trailer doesn’t reveal the new map, which many fans pointed out. But, it seems quite interesting and reveals information about season 9. 

What we saw in Overwatch Season 8?

To understand the changes of the new season, let’s recap what season 8 has brought on our plate. In season 8 one of the major highlights was the arrival of a new Hero named Mauga, which originally came from Overwatch. The character uses dual weapons and has power with strategic gameplay.  

It was the only tank that could play in free mode in the Battle of Beats. The players saw Sombra’s jit as well. Ultimately, season 8 was packed with changes that didn’t make a place in the hearts of players. Now, the new season is looking promising let’s see what it has stored in for us.

What can you expect in Season 9?

First of all, there is no new hero released in Season 9 but it has many things to look forward to, let’s discuss this in detail:

Competitive Rework:

  • Blizzard confirmed that competitive play will allow players to update their rank after the match or battle. Previously, players used to update their rank after nine games. 
  • The new season also introduced a new mission Gauntlet where players can be seen defending the tower against the enemies.

Addition of new rank:

  • The players can now team up with their friends irrespective of their rank. Like a bronze player can team up with a diamond player. 
  • Blizzard has also introduced a new rank called “Ultimate” which is even above the grandmaster rank. 
  • Director Keller has said that teamwork reliance is going to be one of the best and worst attributes of their game.

Self-heal passive:

  • It’s another captivating change, now in season 9, the tank and damage heroes have self-heal passive which allows them to have their version of the hero’s self-heal support. 

Jade Weapon Skins:

  • The new season has brought new rewards such as Jade weapon skin that players can use through their competitive points.

Battle Pass:

  • The battle pass in this season has Mythic skin for Moira, shop skin, and an ancient cellar. The players can unlock other skin and cosmetics as well in the game. 

Upcoming seasons:

  • In 2023, Blizzard said that they will introduce a new clash mode with the new  Hanoka map but seeing it is not released with season 9 we can expect it in upcoming seasons. 
  • Blizzard has announced that they will add two heroes later in 2024. The new Damage Hero Venture is expected in season 10 and the Support Hero Space Ranger in season 12.

Overwatch 2 is back with the new season to enhance the players’ experience. The new season is packed with some new challenges and ranks, so prepare yourself, game enthusiast, this Overwatch season is embarking on a new adventure.

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