NCAA 25 Release Date, Game Make, Price, Features and Teams!

The game NCAA 25 is going to be released on 12th July 2024. EA Sports developed the American football video game series called NCAA Football 25, in which player’s manage and take on a Division 1 FBS College team.

NCAA 25 Release Date

Company EA sports has confirmed that NCAA football 25 will be released in “summer 2024”.

Our extensive research also points to a release date of Friday, July 2024 for the regular version and a Tuesday, 9th July 2024 release date for an early version where you pay $20-$40 extra.

The NCAA 25th will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S. It will not be available on the previous generation of consoles like PlayStation 4.

Release Date Regular: July 2024

Early: July 9, 2024 (Extra cost)

Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S
Developer EA Sports (Primarily by Electronic Arts Orlando studio)
Game Modes Dynasty, Road to Glory, Ultimate Team
Price Starting at $69.99, potentially higher for bundles
Features Revamped Dynasty Mode, Realistic recruiting modifications
Featured Teams Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Penn State, Oregon, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Florida State

The EA says the game will primarily be developed by Electronic Arts Orlando studio.

More recently, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson says the company continues “to work with the various governing bodies of the sport in the country, and some key third-party partners we have, around when and how to involve athletes of College within the game and we will work with them closely.”

NCAA 25 Game Modes

The new NCAA 25 game consists of various modes which are highly beneficial for gaming. The name of those modes are –

  • Dynasty Mode
  • Road to Glory Mode
  • Ultimate Team Mode

With these modes they are able to play the game according to their own preference. This kind of mode encourages their gaming level at a higher range.

NCAA 25 Game Price

Right now EA sports has not confirmed the price of this game but here are a few things you can expect depending on EA’s approach with other games such as Madden etc.

Assuming EA launches multiple EA college football editions, we will likely see tiered pricing starting $69.99. In case EA offers bundles with extra you can expect those to cost more.

NCAA 25 Game Features

Here some important specifications, improvements, enhancements and key points regarding NCAA 25 which will be accessible for athletes in July 2024 

  • The game’s flagship mode is believed to be Dynasty which EA sports is revamping to be bigger.
  • On 2nd Feb 2021, saw the first announcement of the comeback of college football video games.
  • That was probably months before they started working on it.
  • It appears that the game will take around 4 years to create, with a July 2024 release date anticipated.
  • Presently EA’s financial calendar shows that the game will arrive in 2024 summer. In the past, the month of July has been when NCAA football began.
  • As per brown, this game is now more expensive to licence all college athletes than their professional counterparts.
  • To be more realistic as compared to previous games, recruiting will be modified.
  • On top of the Frostbite Engine College football 25/ NCAA 25 will be constructed. The franchise of Madden NFL is also able to run on this same gaming engine.

Team Featured in New NCAA Football 25

Some of the teams which are added in this game are –

  • Ohio State
  • Michigan
  • Notre Dame
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Penn State
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas A&M
  • Florida State    

EA sports announced two years ago that the game would be returning as updated NCAA instructions cleared the way for players to be compensated for the use of their likenesses in the game.

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