MLB The Show 24 Release Date, Availability, Features and Latest Updates!

MLB The Show 24 release date is out for baseball enthusiasts. San Diego Studio has officially announced the initial release date and all other information like cover player, console, and features of the MLB: The Show series this year. 

MLB The Show 24 Release Date

The MLB Show 2024 is a baseball video game series developed and produced by San Diego Studio. In the gameplay, the player takes control of one of 30 major league baseball teams available in the game in any mode and he will also get an opportunity to choose from 6 special teams that include the AL and NL star teams of the series.

Since, 2006 the developers have released a new series every year. Now, the developers are back with this year’s league which will be launched globally on 19 March 2024. 

Game  MLB The Show 
Developed by San Diego Studio
Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment MLB Advanced Media
Latest Release MLB The Show 24
Release Date 19 March 2024

The series has various game modes where players can take the lead of a team for one season, a single game, or multiple seasons. 

The latest release date is announced by Sand Diego studio on Jan 30. 

The players should keep in mind that this year there will be Collector’s edition and Digital editions which players can access early. 

The ratings reveal the show will be held on March 7, so stay tuned. So, remember these dates as well:

Event Date
Feature Premiere (not known which feature) 15 Feb & 22 Feb
Ratings Reveal Show and Feature Premiere Mar 7
Developer Tournament Mar 13
Another Feature Premier Mar 14
Launch for Special Edition Owners Mar 15 (Early Access)

MLB: The Show 24 Cover Athlete

The most anticipated announcement of the game is about the cover athlete. Gamers will see  Blue Jay’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as the cover star athlete for the Standard Edition.

Last year it was Miami Marlins Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Vladimir comes from a family of baseballers, his father also graced the cover for 989 Sport’s MLB in 2006.

Availability of MLB Show 24 Console 

This year MLB Show will be available on the Nintendo Switch console that works for both at-home play and on-the-go gaming.

This will be available for both the current and old generations of Xbox and Playstation. 

However, the important thing to note is that the MLB Show 24 will not be available on PC.

Features of MLB Show 24

Now, moving on to the features of the game series, this year gamers can experience a whole new level of the game. The crossplay and progression will be back this year and the stadium creator will also be available on the console. 

Let’s explore the features of the latest releases of MLB Show 24 happening on 19 March 24:

  • Diamond Dynasty: The game series of this year is backed with Diamond Dynasty mode where gamers can build their fantasy teams consisting of star players and the legends of baseball.
  • Road to the show: This feature is about an individual player’s career, where he/ she builds their career progressing from minor leagues to major leagues of the tournament. 
  • The game will allow cross-platform play where gamers can play the game when they gather with their friends and family. 
  • Storyline Mode: The storyline mode will allow gamers to learn and celebrate the stories of baseball legends. It will take you to the past of the legends and relive their iconic moments.
  • Franchise Mode: The players can control their team and lead them toward the World Series. In franchise mode, the gamers can lead their team to yearly glory.

The other details of the features will be available on the feature premieres gamers will get detailed information about all the features. 

However, the important thing to know is that this year there will be no tech test for the MLB Show 24. In the previous two years’ series, MLB allowed Tech Test, which is an open beta for gamers where they can try the game and its experience before the release. 

The MLB Show 24 release is just a month away and the hype for this game is high, the gamers are eager to know about the game and its features.

Hopefully, the features premiers and the rating reveal show will fill the inquisitive minds of players till the global launch of the MLB Show 24.

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