Michigan $550 Rebate Check – Eligibility and Deadline to receive payment!

You should check your qualifying requirements and address details first if you are unable to get your Michigan $550 Rebate Check. The checks have started delivering on a rolling basis from February 13, 2024, so if your eligibility and address match, you should wait five to six weeks

Michigan $550 Rebate Check 

The Michigan $550 Rebate Check topic is about the tax credit refund checks that will be distributed to almost 700,000 lower-income households in Michigan effective from February 13, 2024. The payments are a part of the expansion of the 6% to 30% Earned Income Tax Credit, which was authorised by the state legislature led by Democrats in March 2023. 

The check’s average value will be $550, although it may differ according to the recipients’ income, filing status, and the number of eligible children. The residents must fulfil income and investment criteria in order to be eligible for the check, which means they must have qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit in the 2022 tax year. 

Purpose of Michigan $550 Rebate Check 

Half of all children in Michigan will directly benefit from this, and parents may utilise the additional cash they receive during tax season to pay bills, put food on the table, and purchase school supplies, according to Whitmer. 

“Our work in Michigan and President Biden’s efforts in Washington are pushing us in the right direction. Across the country, inflation is declining and take-home pay is rising. Even while we still have work to do, you will experience some relief earlier than anticipated.  Let’s continue working hard, cutting expenses, and expanding our economy”.  

The checks that Michiganders are getting in February are making up the shortfall between the 30% that the new legislation owes them and the 6% tax credit they earned on their tax return. 

Whitmer estimates that, on average, Michiganders could anticipate receiving an extra $550 based on statistics from the previous year’s returns. According to a statement, “this expansion will directly impact nearly one million kids, almost half the kids in Michigan, and deliver an average combined tax refund of $3,150 to 700,000 families.”

Who is Eligible for Michigan $550 Rebate Check?

Residents who were eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit for the 2022 tax year will receive a $550 rebate check from Michigan. To qualify, you need to possess:

  • Earned less than $75,000 (if single), $112,550 (if head of household), or $150,000 (if married and filing jointly) in 2022 tax year.
  • Had a Social Security number that was active, or you paid taxes using a spouse or dependant. 
  • Had an income of less than $59,187, and if you’re a married couple with three dependents, less than $10,300 in investment income; if you’re an individual without children, less than $16,480.

If you fit these requirements, the state will process and mail the checks based on your 2022 tax return; you won’t need to apply or submit any more paperwork to get the check.

What is the deadline to receive a Michigan $550 Rebate Check?

The Whitmer Administration will start sending out rebate checks on February 13 and continue doing so for five to six weeks in order to give qualified taxpayers the remaining of the Michigan EITC for the 2022 tax year. The most current address on file with the Treasury will receive these paper check payments. 

Your address should be current since the Treasury regularly changes taxpayer address information based on recent tax filings. However, you may manually change your address using IIT eService if you’ve just moved or moved around a lot and you’re worried about its correctness. 

After that time, if you still haven’t received your check, call the Michigan Department of Treasury at 517-636-4486 or get additional information online from the official website. 

How to Change your address on IIT eService moved to a new place? 

Follow the below steps to change the address at IIT eService. 

  • Head to https://www.michigan.gov/taxes/questions/iit/accordion/general/change-address for changing your address.
  • Utilise the IIT eService to  Simply sign in from the Account Services option on the homepage under the Account Services portal. Next, input your password and username for MiLogin.
  • To send your request, choose Change My Address, follow the instructions to update your address details for the relevant tax year, and then submit your change by clicking the “Submit” button.
  • As confirmation of your update, you will be given a service request number. You should hear back from staff within 72 hours. 

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