Makar Sankranti 2024 Date, Wishes, Images, Significance, Global Celebration 

Since 2024 is a leap year, Makar Sankranti 2024 Date is on January 15. Drik Panchang says Punya Kaal begins at 7:15 AM and ends at 5:46 PM. The Maha Punya Kala is January 15 from 5:29 to 7:45 AM.

Makar Sankranti 2024 Date 

Depending on the area, the Makar Sankranti event is known by various names. It comes after Lohri and is known as Maghi among Sikhs and in North India. 

Makara Sankranti, also known as Poush Sôngkrānti, is observed in Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Telangana. 

  • Moment of Makar Sankranti on  January 14, 11:24 p.m to 02:45 AM.
  • From 05:29 AM to 07:05 PM (13 hours 36 minutes), Makara Sankranti Punya Kala
  • From 05:29 AM to 07:45 AM(duration 2 hours 16 minutes) Makar Sankranti Maha Punya Kala

It is referred to as Sukarat in Central India, Magh Bihu in Assam, Khichdi in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Uttaryanan in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and Thai Pongal or Pongal in Tamil Nadu. This month is also the coldest in the Hindu calendar. It usually falls on January 14 of each year. 

If “Sankranti” occurs before sunset, it is observed on January 15, however, in leap years, it falls on January 15. If not, it’s celebrated on the day after that. Makar Sankranti, according to Drik Panchnag’s estimations, falls on January 15, 2024, at 02:45 AM. 

Makar Sankranti 2024 Wishes

Wishing you a joyous Makar Sankranti filled with warmth, love, and sweet moments!

  • May the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti bring prosperity and happiness to your life.
  • Happy Makar Sankranti! May the sun bless you with positivity and success in the coming year.
  • As the sun moves into Capricorn, may your life be filled with new beginnings and bright opportunities.
  • Wishing you and your family a harvest of joy and prosperity this Makar Sankranti. 
  • On this auspicious day, may the rays of the sun bring warmth and good fortune to your life. 
  • Sending you heartfelt wishes for a happy and prosperous Makar Sankranti. May your days ahead be filled with positivity and abundance.
  • May the sweetness of til and jaggery fill your life with joy and sweetness. 
  • As the sun takes its journey northward, may your life be filled with positive transformations. Wishing you a Happy Makar Sankranti!

Makar Sankranti 2024 Images

Makar Sankranti 2024 images capture the essence of the festival’s vibrant celebrations. From colorful kites soaring high in the sky to families gathered around bonfires, these images reflect the joy and cultural diversity of the occasion. 

Traditional sweets, holy dips, and festive gatherings are beautifully depicted, creating a visual tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of Makar Sankranti in the year 2024. Share these captivating images to spread the festive cheer and convey warm wishes to your loved ones.


Makar Sankranti Photos

Makar Sankranti Pictures

Makar Sankranti Status

Makar Sankranti PNG

Makar Sankranti Significance 

During the celebration, people engage in spiritual practices including offering prayers to the Sun and bathing in rivers for a sacred purpose. Hindus also make sticky sweets, which are symbolic of happiness and peace. 

Makar Sankranti is a sun festival observed throughout India. In Andhra Pradesh, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Magh Bihu in Assam, Magha Mela in central and northern India, and Makar Sankranti or Sankranti in Kerala, it is also known by other names. 

Every January, the Hindu holiday of Makar Sankranti is observed. It celebrates the birth of the goddess Narashansa and pays homage to the sun deity Surya. 

Makar Sankranti 2024 Global Celebration 

As a tribute to the sun deity Suriyapakaran, Sweet Rice Pudding is made on the first day by boiling milk and adding rice, jaggery, and sugarcane crop syrup, much as Sakkarai Pongal is made during Tamil Nadu’s Pongal festival.

On the second day, known as Mattu Pongal, the Oxen expressed gratitude for helping to produce crops in the fields. In 2024, when Makar Sankranti falls in the USA, Europe, and Australia 

  • January 14, 10:19 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • January 14, 03:19 PM is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • January 15, 02:19 Am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

Apart from a few European countries, Pongal, Lohri, and Makar Sankranti are celebrated in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. The two-day event is known as Ulavar Thirunaal, or Thai Pongal, in Sri Lanka.

Makar Sankranti 2024 Facebook Massages & WhatsApp Status 

Happy Makar Sankranti! May the sun’s journey fill your life with positivity and prosperity. 

  • 🪁 Let your dreams soar high like the kites in the sky! Wishing you a joyful Makar Sankranti.
  • 🌾 Embrace the warmth of the season and the sweetness of til and jaggery. 
  • 🤗 Wishing you and your loved ones a celebration filled with laughter, love, and traditional delights. 
  • 🌈 As the sun moves northward, may your life move towards success and happiness. 
  • 🏮 Enjoy the festivities and share the joy with your friends and family. 
  • 🌟 May the colors of Makar Sankranti brighten your social feed and your life. 

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