LasikPlus Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility, and How to apply?

Consumers who may have been duped by Ohio-based LCA-Vision, doing business as LasikPlus and Joffe MediCenter (LasikPlus), the biggest LASIK surgical chain in the US, are receiving claim forms from the Federal Trade Commission. The Lasikplus Settlement Claim Form period ends on May 20, 2024.

LasikPlus Settlement Claim Form

Consumers who may have been duped by Ohio-based LCA-Vision, doing business as LasikPlus and Joffe MediCenter (LasikPlus), the biggest LASIK surgical chain in the US, are receiving Lasikplus Settlement Claim Form from the Federal Trade Commission. 

Notifications are being sent by the Commission to 159,711 customers who could qualify for a payout. If a patient attended a Joffe MediCenter or LasikPlus location for a LASIK consultation but decided against surgery after discovering the full cost, they may still be eligible to apply. 

The majority of qualified customers will get an email, but 4,600 individuals who do not have an email address on file will receive a letter instead. Customers who qualify may submit an online claim at The claim period ends on May 20, 2024. The number of claims filed is one of numerous variables determining the payment amounts.

FTC order requires LasikPlus to pay

LasikPlus employed misleading bait-and-switch advertising to mislead customers into thinking they could get their eyesight corrected for less than $300, according to the FTC’s January 2023 lawsuit. In actuality, only 6.5% of clients who were persuaded to have consultations qualified for the special pricing that was offered for both eyes. 

Customers had to have already near-normal vision that is, eyesight well enough to drive without glasses to be eligible for the deal. The corporation usually advertised a fee per eye of between $1,800 and $2,295 for everyone else. Furthermore, several advertisements failed to disclose to customers that the amount they were paying was per eye.

LCA paid $1,250,000 as part of the settlement agreement, and the FTC will use that money to satisfy claims from customers who were hurt by the business’s activities. Customers may contact [email protected] via email or by calling 1-877-871-0504 if they have any concerns or need assistance submitting a claim. 

The FTC never asks for payment or account information to provide refunds. The Commission offers a state-by-state analysis of refunds in FTC cases via its interactive dashboards for refund data. Customers nationwide received $324 million in reimbursements in 2023 as a result of FTC proceedings.

How do I apply for a Lasikplus payment? 

To apply for a payment through the LASIKPlus Settlement:

  • Confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria specified in the settlement agreement.
  • Obtain the LASIKPlus Settlement Claim Form from the official settlement website or through legal representation.
  • Fill in your details accurately, including your name and contact information.
  • Provide specific information about your LASIK procedure, including the date, clinic, and surgeon’s name.
  • Clearly outline the adverse effects you experienced post-surgery, such as dry eyes or difficulty seeing at night.
  • Attach relevant medical records or statements from healthcare professionals supporting your claim.
  • Sign the claim form and ensure all required information is complete and accurate before submitting it.

Am I eligible for a Lasikplus Settlement?

If you had a consultation at a LasikPlus or Joffe MediCenter facility but decided against having LASIK surgery because you weren’t eligible for the quoted price, you may request reimbursement.

Those who are qualified to apply received Claim IDs in the mail and via email. To get assistance with your claim, give the administrator a call at 1-877-871-0504.

FTC to Refund $1.25 Million to those tricked by LASIK Surgery chain

The largest LASIK chain in the country may have deceived over 160,000 Americans by offering the procedure for as low as $300 per eye, despite knowing the majority of patients would not be able to afford it. On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission said these individuals may be entitled to a refund. 

The Federal Trade Commission claimed that LCA-Vision, an Ohio-based company that operates under the names Joffe MediCenter and LasikPlus, paid $1.25 million to settle claims that it engaged in deceitful bait-and-switch advertising to trick customers into believing that they could have their vision corrected for around $300. 

A large number of individuals squandered their time during LASIK consultations, the group said, since they were unaware that the procedure would cost far more than anticipated. 

The claimed discount pricing for both eyes was only Available to 6.5% of consultation attendees; eligibility for the offer needed near-normal vision, or excellent enough vision to drive without glasses. According to the FTC, everyone else was usually quoted a charge of between $1,800 and $2,295 for $2,295 per eye.

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