Bhushan Gagrani IAS Biography, Career, Education, and NET Worth 

Recently, Veteran IAS Bhushan Gargani was appointed as the BMC Commissioner by the  Maharashtra government as directed by the Election Commission of India. Read the article to learn about Dr. Bhushan Gargani and his past works.

Bhushan Gagrani IAS Biography

Bhushan Gargani is a 1990s batch IAS officer who hails from Maharashtra. His appointment as a new Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner has now become a news headline.

The ElC has directed the state government for his appointment along with Shri Saurabh Rao as Municipal Commissioner of Thane and Shri Kailas Shinde as Municipal Commissioner of Navi Mumbai. 

Bhushan Gargani held All India’s third rank in the UPSC exam. He was the first IAS officer who chose and passed the examination in the Marathi language in the UPSC written examination.

He was born in 1966 into the Marwadi family, who hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, so it is obvious he knew Marathi better than any language. 

As of now, he is 57 years old and worked as a bureaucrat for a longer period. The IAS officer is known for keeping a low profile, he has worked with many Chief Ministers of Maharashtra. 

His family information is not public, but from what we have gathered his wife Dr. Sheetal Bhushan Gagrani, is a medical professional working in the United Kingdom.

Full Name Bhushan Gagrani
DOB  1966
Age 57
Comes from  Marwadi family
Origin  Maharashtra
Profession BMC Commissioner, Maharashtra
Wife Name Dr. Sheetal Bhushan Gargani 
Wife Profession Medical Professional 

Education of Bhushan Gagrani

According to sources, the Veteran IAS officer Bhushan Gagrani has done post-graduation from Kohlapur’s Shivaji University in M.A. He has obtained a Master of Commerce from Shivaji’s Kolhapur University. 

He has also studied Bachelor of Laws Degree from Nagpur University and acquired an M master’s degree in Business Administration from Birmingham University, London, UK.  

He has also earned a doctorate in administration from Mumbai University. His education speaks a lot about his interest in administration and law & order.  

His interest in civil services is evident from his early days. He cleared the toughest exam in the world, UPSC, with flying colors and secured third place in the national merit list of the IAS examination 1990 batch. 

Dr. Bhushan Gagani’s Career

After Bhushan Gagarani passed the UPSC exam he worked in various departments and held many positions throughout his career. 

During the initial years of his career, he worked in the Land Revenue Administration, Development Administration, and District Administration. Due to his exceptional work, he held many offices all over India. 

He also held the position of Chief Executive Officer of  Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar District Parishad. He also holds the office as Director of the Youth Development and Sports Department at Pune. He managed and regulated the law & order of Sindhudurga district as a District Collector. 

During his career, he managed many government administration offices as a bureaucrat and worked on many projects, such as he holds the office of the Secretary of Maharashtra Tourism, Deputy Secretary in Mantralaya, Secretary of the Public Health Department, MD of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, MD of CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra. 

In 2018, he was appointed as Principal Secretary in CMO of Devendra Fadnavis. He continued working on the post when Udhhav Thakrey became the 19th CM of Maharashtra from 2019 to 2022.  He held the position of Director General of Information and Public Relations and worked in the CMO office for more than six years. 

Before Gagrani was appointed the new BMC commissioner, he held the office of Additional Chief Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Office of Maharashtra from 2022. He also managed the Urban Development department and administration work of water resources and the Marathi Language, during his time as an Additional Chief Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Office of Maharashtra.

During the Pandemic in 2020, he was also a part of the task force of the Maharashtra Government to look after medical emergencies and other essential work in fighting the COVID issues in Maharashtra.  

Net worth of Bhushan Gagrani 

As Bhushan Gargani is a bureaucrat, his net financial record is not public. However, it was reported that in 2020, he reported all his movable and non-movable assets to the administration, when an RTI was filed for his assets. 

His wife has been working in the UK for a long time and holds assets valued at around £226k. Bhushan Gargani has enough experience in urban development and administration work that would surely help him in managing the biggest Municipal Corporation in India for sure. 

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