Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO – Open & Close Date, Details, Lot Size & Reservation

Sati Poly Plast Limited has announced its fresh issue of initial public offering (IPO) to begin on 12 July 2024. Interested investors can check the article to know the IPO details, lot size, and other information to make informed investment decisions.

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO

Sati Poly Plast Limited, which offers packaging solutions to various industries will soon go public with its fresh IPO issue on 12 July 2024. The company plans to raise ₹17.36 crores through the IPO to utilize the fund for working capital requirements and general corporate purposes. 

The investors can subscribe to the shares till 16 July 2024, the IPO will go on for five days. The registrar of the issue, Link Intime India Private Limited, will finalize the IPO allotment on 18 July 2024. Investors will receive a refund in their Demat account for their subscribed shares that weren’t allotted to them on 19 July 2024.

According to the IPO RHP, Sati Poly Plast will list the shares after the IPO on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) on 22 July 2024. Investors can mark the Sati Poly Plast IPO dates in their calendar:

Date  Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO Events
12 July 2024 IPO Subscription Opens  
16 July 2024 IPO Subscription closes
18 July 2024 IPO Allotment
19 July 2024 Refund Initiation
22 July 2024 Listing Date
16 July 2024 UPI Mandate Confirmation 

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO Details 

Sati Poly Plast Limited has the initial public issue of 1,335,000 equity shares with a face value of ₹10 per equity share.  The upcoming issue will be a book-built issue under the terms of 2018 SEBI amended regulations, where the company plans to raise ₹17.36 crores fund. 

The company determines the floor price or price band for the equity shares, setting it at ₹123 to ₹193 per equity share based on market demand and assessment. The cap price is 13 times the face value and the price band is 12.30 times. According to the IPO RHP, the minimum lot size of Sati Poly Plast IPO is 100 shares.

The Sati Poly Plast IPO is Spread X Securities, the market maker of the Sati Poly Plast holds 70,000 shares of the IPO issue shares. The book-running lead manager (BRLM) who will manage the underwriting process of securities or new shares issued by Sati Poly Plast is Beeline Capital Advisors Private Limited. 

According to Sati Poly Plast IPO details, the promoters of the company Aditya Jhunjhunwala Balmukund Jhunjhunwala, Balmukund Jhunjhunwala HUF, and Keshav Jhunjhunwala hold 86.30% (3,612,000 shares) before the issue, which would dilute to 63% (4,947,000) after the IPO issue.

IPO Type  Book Built Issue
IPO issue Size 1,335,000 equity shares (matches up to ₹17.36 Crore)
Face Value ₹10 per equity share
Price Band ₹123 to ₹130 per equity share
Lot Size 1000
Fresh Issue 1,335,000 equity shares (matches up to ₹17.36 Crore)
Listing at NSE SME
Market Maker Shares 5.24% (70,000 shares)

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO Reservation and Lot Size

The company reserved the shares for all types of investors to ensure that all types of investors have the chance to participate and apply for the IPO. The investors can check the following Stai Poly Plast IPO shares reservation:

Investor category Offered shares
Qualified Institutional buyers (QIB)  Not more than 50% of the Issue shares 
Retail Not less than 35% of the Issue shares
Non-Institutional Investors (HNI) Not less than 15% of the Issue shares 

The minimum lot market size for the investors is 1000, meaning the investors cannot purchase more than 1000  shares in one lot. The minimum amount of investment that a retail investor would need to buy the Sati Poly Plast IPO shares is ₹1,30,000. 

Here’s the Sati Poly Plast lot size distribution and the minimum investment to subscribe for the shares:

Investor Category Lots Shares  Amount 
Retail (min.) 1 1000 ₹130,000
Retail (max.) 1 1000 ₹130,000
HNI (min.) 2 2000 ₹260,000

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO Financial Statement

Sati Poly Plast Limited is a multifunctional packaging solutions provider, with a strong customer base in various states of the country. The company has two manufacturing units functioning in Noida with a capacity of 540 tons per month. 

According to the financial statement, the revenue of Sati Poly Plast has gone down by -6.05% between the financial year 2023-24. The Sati Poly Plast market capitalization is ₹64.32 crore with a PAT Margin of 1.83%. 

Here are the financial statements of Sati Poly Plast for FY 2023-24:

Financial Indicators 31 March 2024 31 Mar 2023
Revenue 17,940.98 19096.69
Net Worth  1230.28 397.64
PAT 328.64 308.89
Assets  5637.57 4194.08
Total Borrowing  2520.14 2630.50
Reserves and Surplus 869.08 291.24

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO GMP 

The Grey market premium trends show the demand for the company shares in the market and among the investors. Many investors check the GMP trend of the company before the IPO to make their decision, the GMP trend of the Sati Poly Plast IPO has begun from 10 July 2024. 

According to the latest GMP trends, the last GMP of Sati Poly Plast IPO was ₹50 with a price band of ₹130. The trend shows that the existing listing price of the upcoming IPO would be ₹189 with 38.46% of expected gain/loss per share. 

Let’s see what the Sati Poly Plast GMP trend from the last two days:

Date  GMP price IPO Price Subject to Sauda Rate Estimated Listing Price
11 July 2024 ₹50 130 38000 ₹180
10 July 2024 ₹50 130 38000 ₹180

In the above GMP trend, the GMP price has been constant for the past two days, which indicates the investor sentiment is the same for the Sati Poly Plast IPO. Remember, the GMP trend is not the only tool to make your investment decision, so always consider all other factors before making your final decision.

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