Namo Shetkari Yojana 4th Installment Date, Beneficiary List

The Maharashtra government supports the farmers through the Namo Shetkari Mahasanman Nidhi Yojana under the lines of PM KISAN. The Maharashtra farmers waiting for the fourth installment of the Namo Shetkari Yojana will soon receive the payment. 

Namo Shetkari Yojana 4th Installment Date

The Namo Shetkari Yojana provides annual financial assistance to small and marginal farmers to secure their earnings and improve their living standards. The government provides annual financial assistance in three installments to eligible farmers.

The beneficiaries of the PM KISAN scheme will receive additional support through this scheme. The beneficiaries are now waiting for the fourth installment of the scheme, where the beneficiary will receive ₹2000 for ₹6000 per annum financial assistance. 

The authority processes the Nami Shetkari Yojana payout every four months, the first payment of the scheme is made on 26 October 2023. The 4th installment is delayed due to some reasons as people expected the payment in the last week of June 2024. According to the reports, the beneficiaries can expect the payment in their Aadhar-linked bank accounts in July 2024.

Scheme Namo Shetkari MahaSanman Nidhi Yojana 
State  Maharashtra
Nodal Department  Maharashtra Department of Agriculture
Target Beneficiaries  Farmers 
Installment  4th
Installment Date  July 2024
Official website

How to check the Namo Shetkari Yojana Beneficiary List? 

The Maharashtra farmers who are entitled to PM KISAN scheme payments would automatically become eligible for the Maharashtra Namo Shetkari Yojana financial assistance.

The farmers can check their beneficiary status through the following steps to know everything about their Namo Shetkari Payment status and name in the beneficiary list to receive the next payment:

  • First, go to the official NSMNY website mentioned above. 
  • Next, click Beneficiary status and enter your registration number for the NSMNY scheme or enter your mobile number.
  • If you forgot your registration, you can click on “Know your registration number” and get your mobile number or Aadahr verified to receive your registration number from NSMNY. 
  • Next, enter the captcha in the box and click “Get Mobile OTP”  for OTP verification. 
  • Once your OTP verification is complete, your beneficiary status will appear on your screen with your other account details. 
  • You can check the payment completed under NSMNY also in the account details.

How to ensure your Namo Shetkari Yojana payments? 

The farmers receiving the PM KISAN benefits would be eligible to receive the Namo Shetkari Yojana. The beneficiaries who are eligible for Namo Shetkari Yojana payout must ensure the following to receive their upcoming payments:

  • Aadhar-linked bank account: The Namo Shetkari Yojana beneficiaries must have an Aadhar-linked bank account to receive the payout timely. The authority processes the payment directly to the Aadhar-linked bank accounts of the beneficiaries, so you must ensure that your Aadhar is linked with your bank accounts.
  • Valid Bank Account: Most of the payments go missing due to invalid bank accounts or closed bank accounts of beneficiaries, so you must check that your bank account is operating properly. 
  • PM KISAN: The farmers must be registered for the PM KISAN scheme and receive the benefits under the scheme as the Maharashtra government will provide the financial assistance as per the list made under the PM KISAN scheme. 

Benefits of the Namo Shetkari Mahasanman Nidhi Yojana

The Maharashtra Namo Shetkari Yojana offers the following benefits to the small and marginal farmers of the state:

  • Stable income: The income of the farmers is not stable; it keeps fluctuating due to weather, market prices, etc. So the government offers the Namo Shetkari Yojana with the PM KISAN scheme to ensure the farmers have a stable annual income of ₹12,000 to manage their expenses in times of financial stress. 
  • Independent and self-sufficient: The financial assistance from the government will make the farmers and their families independent and self-sufficient to manage their expenses and protect them from falling into the trap of debt from other third parties. 
  • Agricultural requirements: Regular financial support will help them in fulfilling their agricultural requirements like seeds, etc. Overall, the government plans to empower the farmers of the state and support them in managing their expenses. 
  • Agricultural Sector: The agriculture sector of the state will improve and develop through this scheme as the farming community of the state will flourish more.  According to the reports, over 85 lakh farmers received financial assistance under the NSMNY scheme.

The Maharashtra farmers can receive the payout of Namo Shetkari Yojana anytime this week, so make sure your Aadhar is linked with your bank account. The farmers under the NSMNY scheme do not need to register for the scheme, the farmers who are eligible for the PM KISAN will receive the payment automatically. 

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