Miss America 2024 Winner (Announced) Prize Money & Runner-ups

The 96th Miss America Pageant is concluded on January 14, 2024, at the Dr. Phillips Centre for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. The winner is announced, and she is Madison Marsh.

Miss America 2024 Winner

Miss Colorado was crowned the winner of the 96th edition of the Miss America pageant, which took place on January 14, 2024, at the Walt Disney Theatre in Orlando, Florida.

The competition featured 51 delegates from across the United States, and Miss Colorado emerged victorious, earning the prestigious title of Miss America 2024.

The first runner-up is Miss Texas, and the second runner-up is Miss Indiana – Cydney Bridges.  The third runner-up is Miss Kentucky – Mallory Hudson, and the fourth runner-up is Miss Rhode Island – Caroline Parente. 

Miss America 2024 Contestants

The names of all 51 Miss America 2024 contestants, representing each state and the District of Columbia:

  • Alabama: Brianna Burrell 
  • Alaska: Madison Davis
  • Arizona: Taylor Williams
  • Arkansas: Anna Leigh Smith
  • California: Sabrina Lewis 
  • Colorado: Sarah Johnson
  • Connecticut: Sarah Weitz
  • Delaware: Caitlyn Jackson
  • District of Columbia: Taylor Wright
  • Florida: Juliette Valle 
  • Georgia: Tara Schiphof 
  • Hawaii: Victoria Emerson
  • Idaho: Madison Tenney
  • Illinois: Hannah Noris
  • Indiana: Taylor Everson
  • Iowa: Anna Gotch
  • Kansas: Morgan Justus
  • Kentucky: Kayla Smith
  • Louisiana: Madeline Hollingsworth
  • Maine: Veronica Druchniak 
  • Maryland: Kennedy Taylor 
  • Massachusetts: Mia Deburgo
  • Michigan: Maya Schuhknecht 
  • Minnesota: Lauren Strachan
  • Mississippi: Vivian O’Neal 
  • Missouri: Kianna Smith
  • Montana: Emma Jo Sims
  • Nebraska: Lauren O’Donohue
  • Nevada: Kaylie Tucker
  • New Hampshire: Abigail Hansen
  • New Jersey: Brielle Capalbo
  • New Mexico: Brianda Franco
  • New York: Amelia Collins 
  • North Carolina: Taylor Lloyd 
  • North Dakota: Mckayla Holiman
  • Ohio: Ashley Dupre
  • Oklahoma: Bailey Smoot
  • Oregon: Allison Burke 
  • Pennsylvania: Bridget O’Donnell
  • Rhode Island: Isabella Hill
  • South Carolina: Alex Lapeyrolerie
  • South Dakota: Abigail Schmidt
  • Tennessee: Brandee Mills 
  • Texas: Ellie Breaux Utah: Madelyn Bailey
  • Vermont: Brianna Macksoud
  • Virginia: Kayla Carter
  • Washington: Kailey Haney
  • West Virginia: Mackenzie Smith
  • Wisconsin: Hailey Robinette
  • Wyoming: Sierra McCauley

Miss America 2024 Winners List

The winners of the 2024 Miss America pageant are as follows:

  • Miss America 2024: Miss Colorado
  • First Runner-Up: Miss Texas
  • Second Runner-Up: Miss Indiana – Cydney Bridges
  • Third Runner-Up: Miss Kentucky – Mallory Hudson
  • Fourth Runner-Up: Miss Rhode Island – Caroline Parente

Miss America 2024 Top 5 Finalists

The top 5 finalists for the Miss America 2024 competition are:

  • Miss Rhode Island – Caroline Parente
  • Miss Indiana – Cydney Bridges
  • Miss Kentucky – Mallory Hudson
  • Miss Colorado – Madison Marsh
  • Miss Texas – Ellie Breaux

Miss America 2024 Judges

The esteemed panel of celebrity judges for the 2024 Miss America competition includes:

  • Terrence J
  • Nikki Novak
  • Nancy Brinker
  • Susan Malzoni
  • David Tutera
  • Cynthia Bailey
  • Elena Cardone
  • Shelley Goldstein

Hosts for Miss America 2024

The hosts for the 2024 Miss America competition are:

  • Laura Rutledge
  • Nikki Novak
  • Terrance J

What will the Miss America 2024 winner receive?

The winner of the 2024 Miss America pageant will receive:

  • $60,000 in tuition scholarships to attend the institution of her choice.
  • The winner will also receive a spectacular crown, which will be handed by Miss America 2023 winner Grace Stanke. 
  • The winner will also have the opportunity to serve as a positive role model for young women across the nation.
  • Miss Colorado will serve as the official brand ambassador for the Miss America Organization throughout her reign. 

Miss America Pageant 2024 Top 11 Finalists 

Names of the top 11 Miss America 2024 finalists, along with their states:

  • 1. Miss Texas, Ellie Breaux
  • 2. Miss North Carolina, Taylor Lloyd
  • 3. Miss Indiana, Cydney Bridges
  • 4. Miss Kansas, Courtney Wages
  • 5. Miss Colorado, Madison Marsh
  • 6. Miss Maryland, Kennedy Taylor
  • 7. Miss Florida, Juliette Valle
  • 8. Miss Rhode Island, Caroline Parente
  • 9. Miss Kentucky, Mallory Hudson
  • 10. Miss New York, Avere Bishop
  • 11. Miss Mississippi, Vivian O’Neal

Miss America Top 7 Finalists 2024

The top 7 finalists in the 2024 Miss America preliminary competition are:

  • Miss Alabama – Brianna Burrell
  • Miss Maryland – Kennedy Taylor
  • Miss Texas – Ellie Breaux
  • Miss Alaska – Hannah Utic
  • Miss Arizona – Tiffany Ticlo
  • Miss Arkansas – Cori Keller
  • Miss California – Olivia Newman

Where can you watch the Miss America 2024 finals?

You can watch the Miss America 2024 finals on the following platforms:

  • WatchMissAmerica.com: The Miss America 2024 finals are available to stream for free on WatchMissAmerica.com on Sunday at 7 PM ET. The streaming bundle includes access to the preliminary competitions, teen finals, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
  • YouTube:  You can search on your “Watch Miss America 2024 FINALS with me!” on YouTube to find a live stream.

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