Kia K4 Sedan – Exterior, Interior, Safety Features, Expected Price 

The present Forte will shortly be replaced by a sleek new small sedan called K4, which will be positioned beneath the more spacious K5 family car in the Kia lineup. Next week, on March 27, 2024, at the New York Auto Show, the K4 will make its official global debut.

Kia K4 Sedan

Fans of the Kia Forte, get ready for the future. Kia is revealing its next-generation compact vehicle after hinting at it earlier this year. This tiny car, which will fly under the K4 banner, is likely to take the place of the existing Forte.

Although Kia has teased the appearance of the future K4, the firm is withholding a lot of details till the New York International Auto Show, when the vehicle is expected to make its official debut.

The Kia Forte currently has two engine options: a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated I4 or, in GT trim, a 1.6-liter turbocharged I4. Although it’s unclear what Kia intends to do with the K4’s engine, it seems unlikely that a battery would be placed behind the seats.

The Kia K4 is anticipated to have a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrain, a somewhat bigger body than the present Forte, and contemporary front and rear lighting. The K4 is anticipated to carry over Kia’s most recent design cues, including vertical headlights and a narrow grille aperture.

Kia K4 Sedan Exterior

According to Kis, the new K4 is designed with the “Opposites United” concept in mind. Kia’s design concept, Opposites United, has been meticulously analyzed and molded into every curve, shape, and detail of the K4, which seamlessly blends technology elements with clean, faceted surfacing to create a striking, coherent statement. 

Executive Vice President and head of Kia Global Design Karim Habib states, “Everything reinforces the relationship between brand and design.” Sharp L-shaped vertical LED headlamps with a little tiger nose grille in the center are seen on the front of the K4. 

The sedan has a roofline that softly slopes downward, and its big rear windscreen gives it the general look of a liftback coupe. The tail lights also have an L-shaped lighting design. The alloys with diamond cuts enhance its futuristic appeal. Moreover, the C-pillar now houses the knobs for the back doors.

Kia K4 Sedan Interior

The K4’s interior continues the theme of design and comes in a variety of colors, including Canyon Brown, Slate Green, Medium Gray, and Onyx Black. There aren’t many physical buttons on the car, and its enormous central screen is divided between a digital cockpit and a multimedia system. 

It’s interesting to note that the passenger side and driver side doors have different color schemes.  The rotary controller and a few tactile buttons are positioned beneath the dual-screen display, which takes center stage. 

The top and bottom of the two-spoke steering wheel are flattened, and the Kia symbol is positioned offset. The driver’s main door handle has buttons that control the heated steering wheel and the heating and ventilation front seat. 

There is also a three-stage warming and cushioned seat for the front passenger. Although Kia hasn’t disclosed the features, you can anticipate wireless smartphone connectivity, linked car technology, ADAS, GPS, and other luxury and driver assistance technologies on the K4. 

The engine specifications are likewise unknown and will be kept a secret until its worldwide debut at the New York Auto Show on March 27.

Expected Safety Features of Kia K4 Sedan 

Award-winning safety features, which frequently include innovations like adaptive cruise control and front collision avoidance assistance, are another reason why Kia vehicles are well-known. Several safety measures are anticipated to be included in the 2025 Kia K4 sedan, which could include:

  • Normal operating lights during the day
  • Blind spot detection that is optional
  • Regular lane departure alert
  • Normal lane departure alerting

What will be the expected price of the Kia K4 Sedan?

Depending on the specifications and extras, the 2025 Kia K4 is anticipated to cost between $22,000 and $28,000.Although Kia hasn’t yet disclosed details on the K4’s features or price, we anticipate seeing trim levels and costs that are comparable to those of the Forte small car. 

As it will probably be among the most affordable Kias available, the base model should start at about $22,000, while a fully equipped GT would cost over $28,000. It is intended to be a chic new compact sedan that might take the place of the forte, and it might come with an EV4 electric variant.

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