IRS Tax Refund Status – Track, it is Received, Approved or Sent!

The IRS Refund is an amount of money that the government reimburses taxpayers who pay more than they owe in taxes, to know the procedure for your tax filing, stay tuned.

IRS Tax Refund Status

In the USA the Internal Revenue Service administrator tax returns as well as refunds. The IRS refund is issued when the taxpayer pays more tax than they owe. In addition, people check the status easily through the authorized website of the IRS.

The status of the IRS refund gives a general idea of how long it will take for the refund to be processed/ issued. Also the IRS refund status can be checked using the following method-with the website and by app.

Steps to check the IRS refund status  

The various steps which are important for checking the status of IRS refund are provided below –

  • First you need to visit the official website or portal of the IRS at
  • Then you went to the option of ‘check your refund’
  • After that you find the option of social security number SSN
  • Here you enter SSN/ Tax year/ Filing status and Refund amount. Then press the submit button.
  • Finally, get the status of refund.

IRS Tax refunding stages meaning

The IRS Tax is a combination of various stages which consist of different meanings which are given below –

Return Received –

  • The IRS provides an update to you that we accepted your tax return and this is being processed.
  • This kind of status did not mean that your return was approved by the IRS.
  • Here actual meaning is that the IRS has it and this is in line to be processed and reviewed.
  • The status of return received may remain longer than you were expecting.

Refund Approved –

  • The IRS provides a reply to you that your refund is approved by the department.
  • The meaning of this statement is that the return was processed successfully and the estimated refund amount was approved through the IRS.
  • This refund status comes under the second stage of IRS refund updates and means you have nothing to worry about.  

Refund Sent –

  • Once the IRS provides you with an update that your refund has been sent, then the deal is fully sealed.
  • You should be receiving your refunds through direct deposit or check. In most cases you will even be issued an estimated date to expect your money to arrive.
  • In case your tax refund is directly deposited it may take your financial institution or bank 1-5 business days to deposit the tax refund money into your account.
  • If instead you adapt to have your refunds sent to you in the mail by check, you should expect to wait much longer.  
  • Your tax return is still being processed. A refund will be provided when available –
  • Although this may drive you crazy waiting for your refund.
  • The meaning of this status is that the IRS has not approved your refunds as yet and is reviewing your return.
  • In addition review may be the case if you claim credits like additional child tax credit or earning of income credit.
  • It makes sure that the refund which is received from you is correct or not. But it changed eventually.

What if the status not showing

If you are not able to access your tax refund status that’s means you refund is not yet received by the Internal Revenue Service, you may contact the concerned officials, usually in this situation, one has to e-file tax return again, you may do so, make sure that this time, you provide all the details correctly.

The IRS role is to help the large majority of compliant taxpayers through the tax law while ensuring that the minority who are unwilling to comply pay their fair share.

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