Google Settlement Illinois Payout Date, Amount, Eligibility and Status!

If you were a resident of Illinois at any time between May 1, 2015, and April 25, 2022, and the Google Settlement Illinois Payout may be received by March 2024 for all claimants, you are considered a class member in this settlement.

Google Settlement Illinois Payout Date 

A class action lawsuit against Google LLC has achieved a settlement. The complaint claims that Google broke Illinois law when it improperly obtained and stored the biometric information of people who lived in Illinois and were featured in a picture on the photo-sharing and storage platform Google Photos.

A pro proportionate share of the $100,000,000 Settlement Fund will be awarded to Class Members who submit valid claims, deducting court-approved fees, charges, and expenses. In this Settlement, if you were an Illinois resident and appeared in a picture on Google Photos at any point between May 1, 2015, and April 25, 2022, you are a Class Member, with a payment date of March 2024.

The precise monetary sum that a person will get is contingent upon the number of legitimate claims and the subtraction of expenditures for court-approved notice and settlement management, legal fees, and charges related to the lawsuit, as well as service payments to the class representatives.

Google Settlement Illinois Amount

There was a $100 million settlement, with an announcement year of 2022. $595 will be awarded as payment. Between $1000 and $5000 was the amount the applicants were hoping for. The applicants were awarded a substantial sum by the court, however. The users retrieved the majority of the applications, while others are still awaiting payment.

Based on how easily navigable Google and other relevant apps are, one may determine eligibility. User IDs created in Google, including email addresses and registered addresses, must be shared.

Individuals who live in Illinois and have photos on Google Photos without their consent are qualified. The beneficiaries would be deemed to be the users based on the KYC Check results. Applicants must have patience till the verification.

How to claim Google settlement money?

You must register for a “class member ID” with the settlement administrator in charge of claims before you may submit one. Enter your ID number on the settlement’s website on the “submit claim” page when you have received it from the administrator. The claim form may also be sent to the address shown on the same website.

In addition to supplying your home location and contact information, you will also need to certify that you used Google Search between 2006 and 2013. You will no longer be able to sue Google for inappropriately disclosing your data during this period if you file a claim.

Google Settlement Claim Eligibility

Please read the information below if you would want to learn more about your eligibility for a Google Play Settlement claim.

  • You must have used the Google Play Store to make paid or in-app purchases before anything else.
  • You are qualified for this reimbursement if you used the Play Store between August 16, 2016, and September 30, 2023.
  • Additionally, a notification about the lawsuit including your payment amount and other details will be sent to you.
  • On the official website, beneficiaries may use their Notice ID to monitor the status of their payment.

How to check the Google BIPA settlement status? 

To check the status of the Google BIPA (Biometric Information Privacy Act) settlement, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official settlement website dedicated to the Google BIPA case. This website is typically managed by the court or a claims administrator.
  • If there’s a user portal, log in using the credentials provided during the claim submission process. Alternatively, verify your identity using the information provided during the claim.
  • Look for a section that provides updates on the settlement status. This might include whether the settlement has been approved, the total settlement amount, and any relevant timelines.
  • If there is a feature to check your status, follow the provided instructions. This may involve entering your claim reference number, email address, or other identifying information.

Accept or Reject Settlement Offer (if applicable):

  • If the settlement includes an acceptance or rejection process, navigate to the respective section. Follow the provided instructions to indicate your decision. This may involve clicking a button or filling out a form.

Confirmation of Decision:

  • After accepting or rejecting the settlement offer, there should be a confirmation of your decision. It might be wise to document this affirmation for future use.

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