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Mechanical Engineering


To be a preferred department of learning for students and teachers alike, with dual commitment to Academics & Research, serving students in an atmosphere of innovation and critical thinking.


  • To provide an adoptable education for the graduates in preparing them for a rewarding career to develop academics and research in collaboration with industry and other institutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • To prepare the students as thinking professionals and good citizens who will be able to apply their knowledge critically and innovatively in solving contemporary professional and social problems.

Mechanical Engineering activities at the GMR Institute of Technology commenced in 1997. The Department is accredited with NBA as well as NAAC. The annual intake of this Department is 120 students.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a richly integrated curriculum of education and research to its students. The Department offers Masters programme (M.Tech. Thermal Engineering). Students have a variety of opportunities to investigate a broad range of research in thrust areas. Some of the specific areas include Alternate Fuels, Nano Materials and Coatings, Metal Metrix Composites, Bio-degradable Polymers and Reliability Engineering. Much of the research is conducted within the department, but many projects are carried out in collaboration with other departments and centers on campus, as well as with other R&D institutions and national laboratories in the country and abroad. The faculty, students and staff author have research publications annually in leading national and international journals and conferences. Several of the faculty are fellow of various national academies in science and engineering, and have received recognition in the form of national and international awards. The alumni and staff of this department occupy high positions in institutions of higher learning, research laboratories and industries in India and abroad

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty is continuing to explore new areas of research and develope new courses. The Department is well equipped with state of the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities. The Department receives funding from agencies such as UGC, AICTE, DST, and public and private industries. Our faculty members render assistance to leading industries through technical advice and consultancy services.


Facilities & Infrastructure
Work Shop / Production Technology Lab
Machine Tools Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Strength of Materials Lab
Fuels Lab
Metallurgy Lab
Instrumentation Lab
Metrology Lab
Mechatronics Lab
Major Courses Offered
Thermal Engineering
Production Engineering
Design Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Finite Element Method
Operations Research
Power Plant Engineering
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineering
Reliability Analysis
Some Interesting Project Assignments
Design and Fabrication of SCARA Robot arm
Design and Fabrication of Desalination Plant
Fabrication of Temperature Management in Metal Cutting
Design and Fabrication of Vortex tube
3 Dimensional Modelling and Analysis of Over Crane Bogie using CAD
Interactive Computer Graphic Software Design for Spur Gears
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PEOs & POs
Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs) & Programme Outcomes(POs)
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