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Electrical & Electronics Engineering


To be a most preferred Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of learning for students and teachers alike, with dual commitment to research and serving students in an atmosphere of innovation and critical thinking.


  • To provide high-quality education in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, to prepare the graduates for a rewarding career in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and related industries, in tune with evolving needs of the industry..
  • To prepare the students to become thinking professional and good citizens who would apply their knowledge critically and innovatively to solve professional and societal problems.
Welcome to the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of GMRIT. Department of EEE offers Four year B.Tech and Two year M.Tech programs. The department has a rich tradition and well qualified faculty and widely recognised laboratories. The department provides a strong mathematical and scientific foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering fundamentals. The course also addresses and develops abilities in the application of design processes to innovative engineering solutions. Annual intake of this Department is 120 students.

Facilities & Infrastructure
Sophisticated Laboratories include:
- Electrical Machines Lab
- Electrical Networks Lab
- Electrical Measurements Lab
- Power Electronics Lab
- Control Systems Lab

Simulation of Electrical Systems Lab with Multi-sim and MAT Lab Software

An efficient administrative office that operates as per ISO-9001 standards
A well-stocked department library
Major Courses Offered
Electrical Power Systems Electrical Machines
Electrical Networks & Control Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation Computer Systems include C & Data Structures
Information Technology & Numerical Methods Computer Organization
JAVA, UNIX and N.T Microprocessors & Controllers
Pulse & Digital Circuits Linear Digital I.C applications
Digital Signal Processing Electronic Devices & Circuits
Business Management Studies Power Electronics & Applications
Some Interesting Project Assignments
  • Simulation and real time verification of speed control of BLDC motor.
  • Simulation of distributed generation unit and distributed storage unit of micro grid using PSCAD.
  • Remote speed control of a motor by thyristor trigger angle change with display of delayed firing angle.
  • Modeling design and simulation of a wind/fuel cell/ultra-capacitor based hybrid power generation system.
  • Hard ware implementation of speed control of dc motor  using pwm technique.
  • Optimal location of unified power flow controller in a power system network by using genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization.
  • Hardware implementation of stabilizing and over voltage protection circuitry against gusts in wind for an induction generator wind turbine.
  • Harmonic mitigation through shunt active filters.
  • Optimal Placement of distribution substation using genetic algorithm.
  • Simulink implementation of space vector modulation for voltage source inverter fed induction motor.

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