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Computer Science and Engineering


To be a nationally preferred department of learning for students and teachers alike, with dual commitment to research and serving students in an atmosphere of innovation and critical thinking.


  • To provide high-quality education in Computer Science and Engineering to prepare the graduates for a rewarding career in Computer Science and Engineering and related industries, in tune with evolving needs of the industry.
  • To prepare the students to become thinking professionals and good citizens who would apply their knowledge critically and innovatively to solve professional and social problems

GMRIT has a highly-specialised Computer Science Department that exposes students to a broad range of subjects involving advanced computer engineering and its application in industry. The curriculum relies heavily on industry-academia interaction and responds to the current needs and trends in the global software industry. Annual intake of this department is 180 students.


Facilities & Infrastructure
Six state-of-the-art laboratories - Programming Lab, Windows NT Lab, UNIX Lab, IT Workshop, Language Lab & CC Lab.
Over 390 high configuration branded (IBM, HP & Wipro) systems and five Intel Xeon dual processor servers.
1 GBPS Bandwidth Internet connectivity from BSNL & Airtel through dedicated leased lines.
Video conferencing, Digital library, e-journals, e-learning & e-book facilities through INDEST (Indian National Digital Library in Engineering, Science & Technology) membership.
E-learning content comprises 628 VCDs for 25 subjects.
Advanced and latest software technologies.
Major Courses Offered
Computer Organization Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Operating Systems & Systems Programming Object Oriented Programming
Interfacing through Microprocessors Data Communications
Principles of Programming Languages Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Advanced Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics Computer Networks
Language Processors Database Management Systems
Distributed Systems Java Programming
Object Oriented Analysis and Design through UML    
Career Specialisations
Neural Networks Cryptography
Advanced Java Network Security
Multimedia System Digital Speech & Image Processing
Data Mining & Data Warehousing Cellular & Mobile Communication
Some Interesting Project Assignments
Digital Signature using Message Digest
Intelligent Information Retrieval System
Implementation of Firewall in Java
Telugu Application Developer
Image Steganography
Automatic Online Signature Verification
Advanced Editor in Linux
Virus Management System
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PEOs & POs
Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs) & Programme Outcomes(POs)
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