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Chemical Engineering


To be a nationally preferred department of learning for students and teachers alike, with dual commitment to research and serving students in an atmosphere of innovation and critical thinking.


  • To provide high-quality education in Chemical Engineering to prepare the graduates for a rewarding career in Chemical Engineering and related industries, in tune with evolving needs of the industry.
  • To prepare the students to become thinking professionals and good citizens who would apply their knowledge critically and innovatively to solve professional and social problems
The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to help students apply the fundamentals of this discipline to the synthesis and analysis of processes in both traditional chemical engineering industries as well as emerging disciplines (such as biotechnology, environmental engineering, etc.). Department courses offer a comprehensive insight into the intricate details of chemical processes, while also educating students about management techniques that optimise use of resources to enhance operational efficiencies. Annual intake of this Department is 30 students.

Facilities & Infrastructure
Fluid Mechanics Lab Processes Dynamics & Control Lab
Mechanical Unit Operations Lab Mass Transfer Operations Lab
Chemical Technology Lab Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab
Heat Transfer Lab Process Simulation lab
Major Courses Offered
Material and Energy Balance Fluid Mechanics
Chemical Technology Thermodynamics
Energy Engineering Mechanical Unit Operations
Mass Transfer Operations Heat Transfer
Process Instrumentation Reaction Engineering
Processes Dynamics & Control Plant Design and Economics
Transport Phenomenon Process Modelling and Simulation
Environmental Engineering Mathematical Methods
Some interested Project Assignments
Thermal Design of 140 MW Tray Type De-aerator for feed water
Manufacture of sugar at GMR Industries' Sugar Division
Hydrodynamic studies in Helical Coils
Measurement of viscosities for liquids
Production of Benzal from Coke oven Gas at Vizag Steel Plant
Manufacture of Urea at NFCL
Separation of Argon from air and improving the yield and efficiency of the unit at the Vizag Steel Plant
Waste Water Treatment by Biological Methods at HPCL
Desalination of sea water by reverse osmosis at Coromandel Fertilisers Limited
Manufacture of Bio Diesel at Nagarjuna Agri Chem

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