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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) focusses on integrating AI and Machine Learning to core computer science. The prime objective of this Programme is to develop students to excel in Machine Learning specific areas by exposing them to understand mathematical, statistical, and biologically inspired computational models with engineering and scientific principles to devise solutions for societal and business problems. As the business world witnesses the power of data-driven decision making, there is a lot of demand for professionals who can build and execute mathematical and statistical models/algorithm. To harness the power of data, effective methodologies are required for extracting hidden patterns from the data. This Programme focusses more on algorithmic aspects of AI and Machine Learning where students study various statistical and machine learning algorithms, neural network architectures, methods to build ML stack, and required technologies for building and hosting ML models. The curriculum of this Programme is designed to introduce the students to core skills such as foundations of mathematics and statistics, programming languages, data structures and algorithms for machine learning, technology frameworks for building machine learning models, bio inspired computational models viz. neural networks, deep learning architectures and its applications

Key Features

This Programme covers a spectrum of courses ranging from foundations to modern techniques of AI and Machine Learning with strong emphasis on pragmatic approach.

Foundational Mathematics and Statistics for AI and Data Machine Learning
Computer Organization & Architecture
Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Data Structures and Algorithms
Database Management (SQL and NoSQL)
AI & ML Stack for different application areas
Image Processing and Computer Vision
Computational Data Analytics
Machine Learning Algorithms
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing(Language Translation and Conversational NLP)
Building AI/ML Applications
Career Specialisations
The undergraduates of this programme can aspire for portfolios where they need to build and execute business intelligent tasks.
Machine Learning Engineer ML Architect
Data Scientist MLOps Engineer and etc
Data Engineer Or can purse research-oriented studies at eminent institutes.