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Information Technology
GMRIT's Information Technology Department was formed in 1999 and covers the technical attributes of IT, its multiple applications and the appropriate management of IT resources. Courses especially focus on the application of IT in various information and administrative systems. The annual intake of this Department is 60 students.
Facilities & Infrastructure
Five state-of-the-art laboratories - E-Learning, Interactive, Networking, Unix & Project Labs.
Over 350 high configuration branded (IBM, HP & Wipro) systems and five Intel Xeon dual processor servers.
60 MBPS Bandwidth Internet connectivity from Tata Tele Services Ltd, Tata Communications, VSNL and BSNL through dedicated leased lines.
Video conferencing, Digital library, e-journals, e-learning & e-book facilities through INDEST (Indian National Digital Library in Engineering, Science & Technology) membership.
E-learning content comprises 628 VCDs for 25 subjects.
LAN connectivity through OFC, Wireless & Intranet.
Advanced and latest software technologies.
Major Courses Offered
Real Time Systems Embedded systems
Multi media & web design VLSI System Design
Computer Organization Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Operating Systems & Systems Programming Object Oriented Programming Java
Interfacing through Microprocessors Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Advanced Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics, Computer Networks Database Management Systems
Distributed Systems Object Oriented Analysis & Design through UML
Project Assignments
Linear Bar Code Generator Voice Biometric System
Desktop Video Conference Packet Sniffer
Netants in Linux Universal Filters
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