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GMR Institute of Technology
GMRIT, promoted by GMR Varalakshmi Foundation
(GMRVF) in 1997, is finding its place slowly but steadily
as an institution of excellence in the country. The
Foundation focuses on Education, Health, Livelihoods
and Community Development, and GMRIT is its flagship
institution in the higher educational space.
The Institute is located in an idyllic setting in Rajam
of Srikakulum district, and provides an excellent
environment for academic pursuits, where the quest
for knowledge is integrated with social, ethical and
environmental aspects of human values and engineering
GMRIT makes a constant endeavor to making
engineering a way of life, with a distinct set of skills, and
integrate analytical skills with innovative thinking. We
also try to enhance the effectiveness of learning through
technology-aided pedagogies. Our improved learning
processes, we genuinely believe, will help our students
realize their full potential and help them grow.
GMRIT is a relatively young institution and we are aware
that we have a long way to go before we can count
ourselves among the best in the world. But we have the
resolve to get there and the journey has already begun.
We invite our ‘well-wishers community’ to visit our
campus and its facilities, and meet our students who are
the leaders and pioneers of tomorrow. We are confident
that you will find the experience worth your while.
Dr. V. Raghunathan
Chairman, Governing Council, GMRIT
AWord from the CEO,
GMR Varalakshmi
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