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GMR Institute of Technology
All the programmes at GMRIT are rigorous and intense.
They lay a strong foundation of engineering concepts.
They strike a healthy balance between theory and
practice by stressing the understanding of fundamental
concepts and by providing exposure to industrial
applications. Competent and committed faculty
members, well-planned Curriculum design and delivery
based on Outcome based Education (OBE), state-of-the-
art laboratories take care of the former, while internships
and industry sponsored projects contribute to the latter.
Technical courses offered at the Institute cover all
the core and non-core branches. IT-enabled teaching
environment and customized teaching aids facilitates
dynamic, interactive and learner-centric practices. Group
Discussions, Seminars and On-Field Assignments are
being implemented to deliver domain knowledge.
Development of communication skills is given top priority
through continuous training programs on language skills
apart from regular language courses. Keeping in mind
the overall personality development of the students and
to make them industry-ready, soft Skill training programs
are organized by in-house experts and external trainers.
Students at the Institute experience an educational
environment that takes them beyond classroom
learning. GMRIT prepares its graduates for life, not only as
professional Engineers but also as responsible members
of society.
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