GMRIT Brochure - page 11

GMR Institute of Technology
The campus offers to the residents, students and faculty,
all the facilities which one can expect in an ideal place
of learning – well-quipped classroom, Laboratories, rich
Library, hygienic Canteen, Gymnasium, Bank, Shopping
Outlet, high security and 24×7 surveillance along with
Emergency Services.
An air-conditioned auditorium with screening facility
provides the community an avenue to entertain
large gatherings. The same venue also offers Video
Conferencing facility for the students to listen to high-
profile speakers from other locations.
With primary focus on academics, GMRIT emphasizes
on all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities,
including professional societies, literary and cultural
clubs, technical clubs, sports and NSS, to bring holistic
development to the student’s life. Seminars, Workshops
and Competitions keep students engaged and help
to hone their professional skills. A close-knit campus
community ensures memories for a lifetime, with
lifelong friendships and unforgettable associations.
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